Out Of The Box: Intense Tire Systems EX-2 Sticky Lite 29"er Tires

Intense Tire Systems introduced a 29″er tire at Interbike last fall and this is it: The EX-2 Sticky Lite tire. This tire features a “Dual Sticky Rubber Compound”, “Iso Ply Construction”, home grown rubber, and a folding bead.

Intense Tire Systems proclaims that the “Sticky Rubber Compound” is exclusive to them and also that the majority of rubber used in their tread options is made from natural rubber that they grow.

The tires we recieved are of a “low tread” type design with ramped center blocks for improved rolling resistance and the lower knob height which will lessen knob “squirm”. The tread pattern is of the smaller knob, chevron arrangement that is popular in many tread designs these days. We noticed immediately that the Stcky Rubber Compound was indeed sticky on the outer edges of the tread pattern with the inside rows of knobs being a bit harder rubber for longer wear. The outer knobs are so soft they will retain the impression of the edge of your fingernail indefinitely. Very soft indeed!

Our test samples weighed in at 830 and 850 grams respectively. Not necessarily light by 29″er standards, but these casings seem to be a bit thicker than most and seem to promise a much better protection against sharper rocks that might shred the sidewalls of thinner tires. We will pay some attention to this as the testing progresses.

The folding bead seems to be molded very crisply and has less “mold release lines” than many tires we see through here. The casing looks pretty girthy and is listed as a 2.25″ wide tire. Intense Tire Systems told us that it should turn out to be very true to the promised size. We will be mounting these up and getting some measurements very soon with a First Ride Impressions post as well.

Stay tuned!


No Responses to “Out Of The Box: Intense Tire Systems EX-2 Sticky Lite 29"er Tires”

  1. Desert9r Says:

    they better be tubeless at that weight!

  2. GreenLightGo Says:

    looking forward to your report and some measurements – are you going to run one tubeless at all?

    Since you mentioned a bit heavier weight and thicker sidewalls, it sounds like a good candidate for use on a Stans rim.

  3. The Monkey Says:

    Is it just me, or do they look a lot like a Nevegal with shallow tread?
    They ought to be pretty grippy.

  4. Kosmo Says:

    GLG, although heavy, these tires do NOT have a thick sidewall. Noticeably thinner than any Bonty TLR tires, for sure. I poked a rock right through the sidewall on day 1, coming down Amasa Back.

  5. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Weight weenies……

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    Kosmo: For what it’s worth, I just measured an Intense tire against a Jones ACX tubeless ready model. The Intense tire has nominally thicker sidewalls. About a couple hundreths on my calipers. The Jones thin section is wider from the bead to the tread, whereas the Intense’s thin section is half as wide before it starts to thicken into the tread section.

    Your samples may vary.

  7. GreenLightGo Says:

    Kosmo – as if I need more tires hanging around, which we’ll probably swap one day anyway!

  8. al Says:

    Lets see them mounted up please!

  9. Desert9r Says:

    Dirt- Thank You for the compliment.

  10. professed Says:

    good on em. keep ramping up the choices !

  11. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Not really a compliment…. hate to break it to ya.

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