Sea Otter : Haro Bikes

At Sea Otter Haro went the smart way with having a demo tent for folks to be able to try out their bike lines. Even though the new Beasley was not a demo option I was able to talk to Jill from Haro about the Beasley, their new aluminum 29er bikes and how the show was going for them.

There were two Beasleys on display and they were a beauty with the small signs of being ridden across the clear coat and chain. One was Jill’s ride in single speed mode, the other was geared and didn’t have stock parts hanging from it.

A few things I really want to mention:

The bent top tube – This feature is barely noticeable from a standing position in day light. Sure it’s their but I see bikes like Santa Cruz, Cannondale and others with much harsher bends that are much more noticeable.

Flattened chain stays – My guess this is to help cushion the ride. Allowing the frame to flex up and down but not side to side.

Tire clearance – It looks like these bikes could take fenders even with the large Pacenti 2.3.

I am interested to see what fork they end up putting on the full suspension bikes that are in the works. The geared bike had a X-Fusion Velvet R on the front. Sure these weren’t MADE for 650b, but the work well. The other note was the Discovery rims from Weinmann. I wonder if these will be available after market for a decent price. Getting affordable pre-built wheels to some distributor will open the doors to people trying to fit 650b in their current bikes with out breaking the bank.


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