Sea Otter Classic: More From The Expo

Here are a few more tidbits from the recently held Sea Otter Classic. Stay tuned for some in depth updates on some of the things we saw coming soon. Till then, enjoy!

Manitou has introduced a slighter lower spec 29″er fork that just might be making it’s way on to some manufacturers rigs coming out in ’09. Primarily aimed at the OE (original equpiment) market, this new fork named “Drake” will have a steel steer tube and a coil/air spring, but otherwise will be quite similar to a Minute fork. No word on what travel options may appear or whether there will be a through axle model, but it is not unusual to find some variations with OE forks on different manufacturers bikes.

The Syncros 29″er rims were seen at Interbike last fall, but we have learned a bit more about their impressive manufacturing techniques. Apparently they go to great lengths to relieve stress in each rim that results from the initial rolling processes. They strive to deliver a perfectly flat rim for wheel builds without any residual stress that would cause the wheel to be weaker. On top of this, Syncros has a machine take wee little “bites” out of the inside of each bead all around the rim. This is a trick they learned from their experiences with the down hillers that prevents tires from rotating on the rim when they are run at lower pressures which keeps the valve stem from shearing off. (I know….just run tubeless, you’re saying. I hear ya!)

A rarely seen Norco 29″er south of the border. This year’s model is orange.

Nelson titanium custom

Nelson Titanium had a custom hardtail on show at their booth.

Fatback Titanium bike

Greg Matyas showed up wheeling around this incredible “fat” bike. It was made from titanium with a titanium plate crown style fork. It sported 100mm wide rims mounted up with Surly Endomorph tires for that “ginormous” look. I had a chance to tool around the festival area on it and I must say that it was rather nimble. Greg says that it rules on snow and can be used year round as some of his customers do. You can see more at Speedway Cycles.


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  1. MMcG Says:

    I’ve got a set of those Syncros wheels in for review and testing for and I have to say they are well thought out and very well done. Mine came to me hand built as well and so far after two rides, I’m impressed.

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