Sea Otter: Intense Tire Systems

A few months ago, February to be exact, I posted that Intense Tire Systems (ITS) were interested in the 650b tires and wanted to hear feedback from you.

I spoke to an insider at ITS and they indeed went out looking for feedback. The feedback they got back was good but not enough for them to spend the large sum of money on a new mold. From my understanding their 29″ tires are that they are not rolling off the shelf. it would be hard for any company to put money behind another wheel size when they aren’t seeing the rewards of their 29″ tires.

With so many other tire companies dishing out the new tires for 650b I’m not as saddened about this news as I would of been 2 months back. Instead I am respecting the fact they were interested and still are. Just not enough, yet. He did share some tires for review on so maybe that will be the extra push to get folks to request them at their local bike shop.


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  1. nalax Says:

    That’s too bad. Toby Henderson was certainly open to getting opinions about the new tires. At least they have some of the groundwork done in case they decide in the future to test it again.

    Thanks for the updates!

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