Sea Otter Rumors : Manitou & SUNRingle

This afternoon I spoke to a source inside of Manitou/SUNRingle and shared my hope for them to jump on the 650b movement. Feeling that it would benefit them greatly as many manufactors would use there forks as OEM on the 650b bikes they create around that fork. OEM (Originally Equipment Manufacture) means guaranteed money for the vendor. Many companies make their big dollars by selling to bike companies to use those parts on their bikes each year. It means lower over head, less parts sitting in warehouses and, instead, out on bikes either being ridden or on shop floors.

Two things came from this conversation.

The first was a confirmation of their Equalizer 23. The little brother of the already introduced Equalizer 25. This to me will help many folks get on the 650b wheel. The rims out right now are either for all mountain with the Velocity and current SUNRingle. Or they are very racer with the Stans. Something XC that can take a licking but not a tank. That’s what we all need.

The second item was forks. Manitou is figuring out how to incorporate their Minute line from 100mm to 140mm. Nothing is in production or prototype mode but it is something on the tip of their tongues. Hopefully by the end of the summer we will here stronger information.

Kudo’s to Manitou for stepping up. Now to see more information!


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