Sea Otter Classic: Day Two- Part II

More observations from Sea Otter. More Visuals. More Hints of Things To Come.

Shimano’s booth had this sweet Sycip custom 29″er with Shimano’s XT 29″er wheels. The same theme from the wheels was carried over to the top tube, as shown below.

It also had the segmented seat stays with the nice touch of coin end caps. Sycip does a really nice 29″er.

penny for your thoughts?

This is the first Caribou I have seen outside of Interbike’s halls. There was a matching 26″er as well.

A sweet looking Titus Exogrid 29″er with DT Swiss front suspension. The carbon was the unidirectional type and was really pretty in the sun. Check out that seat mast too.

A dusty VooDoo 29″er titanium single speed awaits another demo rider.

JHK's race rig

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski’s race rig hangs in the Fisher booth waiting to be raged on.

There is some cool technology being shown at Sea Otter this year that I think will be getting more prevalent in 29″er bikes in the future. Bottom brackets with the BB-30 or the “integrated outboard bearing” set up will become more common and industry folks seem to agree. The one point five to inch and an eighth steer tubes found on some 26″er AM/FR/DH rigs will most certainly be seen on upcoming 29″ers. Carbon bits are invading the mountain bike realm at an alarming rate and the aforementioned Edge Composites pieces may be only the tip of that iceberg. Words of more carbon bits and complete bikes in 29″er size were being whispered if you were listening. Finally, and my favorite bit, anodized parts are back with a vengeance. Be prepared to have your eyes assaulted!

Stay tuned for Day Three and the final day we’ll be covering Sea Otter…..


No Responses to “Sea Otter Classic: Day Two- Part II”

  1. AC Says:

    That Titus is pretty sexy…

  2. Dirt McGirt Says:

    *drools* tituuuussss*drools*

  3. vic Says:

    Any test info on the shimano wheels

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    vic: Two testers I am aware of thought they were too flexy and both these guys weigh around 200lbs. Take it for what it’s worth.

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