Mixte : Thylacine Cycles

Warwick over at Thylacine Cycles has out done many with this beauty of a 650b mixte. I’m not sure what the final build will be as he hasn’t spilled the beans yet. Touring, commuter, mixed use and the sky is the limit for this little red beauty.

Although Thylacine Cycles has been pegged from the beginning as an MTB company predominantly, the goal has never been to actively pigeon-hole ourselves but instead base things on having fun, being different, and designing cool stuff. Like Mixtes, for example! Here’s one we did recently in a very lush candy apple red, with 650b wheels, custom stainless cable guides between the longstays, and simple lines.


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  1. rick Says:

    Nice frame, I love the clean lines of a mixte. Sheldon got it wrong though, as many people know a mixte is not a ladies bike. It’s a unisex mixed use bike. Perfect for a rear rack and hauling stuff around. The low top tube makes it easier to mount the bike with a rear load. It’s mainly North Americans that see them as ladies bikes. My wife and I ride around on a couple of 20+ year old Raleighs fully equiped with racks and baskets. Loads of fun.

  2. Mark Says:

    I wonder who the builder of Warwick’s design was for this one. Perhaps he’ll chime in with the details?

  3. Thylacine Says:

    Hey Arleigh,
    This frame was done for a customer in Sydney, and it’s kind of a ‘do everything’ style bike. It will be cruising around on 32c tyres with fenders as a commuter, but there’s room for 44’s at a pinch, meaning it would be quite capable bombing down some interesting looking trails on the way home, shod with the appropriate rubber.

    We’re excited by 650b here at Thylacine because it opens up more possibilities for things like 5″ trailbikes that don’t get so hung up at slow speeds, and also adds more possibilities to those experiencing the limitations 29″ wheels impart on the shorter folk.

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