On One Titanium Inbred 29"er Sneak Peek

On One’s newest frame design for big wheels is this rendition of it’s most excellent Inbred in titanium. The frame, made by Lynskey Performance in Tennessee, is going to be available as a “pure single speed” as shown, or with the classic “slot drop out” with a mech hangar and cable stops. The design will be available as a complete or as a frame only. Brant Richards, head honcho at On One, says that the lead time on these should be about two months out yet, so start saving your ducats.

Detail of caliper mount.

The newest Inbred design has been available in steel for awhile now, so this disc caliper mount should look somewhat familiar. Nicely sculpted by Lynskey, this titanium version looks pretty sano. There was some interferance issues with some mechanical brake calipers with the steel versions of this. No word as to whether the same issues are at play with the titanium version yet.

A titanium Inbred 29″er sounds like a fun rig to me and the build being done by the Lynskey family gives this frame a high pedigree already. We’ll try to stay on top of this story and provide updates as they become available. See On One for more information.

No Responses to “On One Titanium Inbred 29"er Sneak Peek”

  1. mg Says:

    sano… that pretty much sums it up. it might even be pretty trick, but i’ll save that judgment for after i’ve seen, felt and ridden one. but boy does it set off my swank-o-meter…


  2. Desert9r Says:


    I have an ’05 26er that is indestructable, how ever I hope they are made better than the (07?) tan frames!

  3. AC Says:

    Me likes!

    I love the drop-outs..

  4. jeremyuk Says:

    Looks like he’s dropped the bowed top tube, and Lynskey insisted on a chainstay bridge, what with titanium not being as strong as steel

  5. Cloxxki Says:

    Has geometry ever been updated since it was thought up, and introduced unchanged, around 2004? The 29″ Inbred geometry as I remember was not intended as an ideal 29″ geo, but rather something that naysayers would not be able to ignore. Quick, quick, quick handling as was supposed to be impossible with “large” wheels.
    Tomorrow’s 29″ bikes are going to be much better, for those that don’t need convincing.

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