Fast Boy Cycles : Step One

Starting a custom frame project can be daunting. What all do you want? Will it turn out like you dreamed? What purpose do you want to fulfill with this ONE bike? Jeesh – I hope the thing fits me.

All of these questions go through every person when they lay the cash down on that custom ride. Questions of doubt and feelings of excitement run through your head until your new frame is built and being ridden. Having sold a good number of frames I have been on the side that calms the fears of the consumer. Now I’m the consumer spending a good chunk of my savings on a frame with a builder that barely has his torching license. What was I thinking? Well. I know the builder (thankfully) and I believe that he will put out only bikes he believes in. I also know that this 650b “trend” suits me and I want a sexy bike to suit me as well.

The first step was looking at measurements, of me of course. The basics requested are height, inseam, arm length and height to shoulder. Flexibility, the fact I have been fit on several bikes and I know how I want to fit on my bike plays into all of this.

My numbers :

height : 69.5″
inseam: 33″
arm length: 23″
height to shoulder: 58″

I also told him how my current ride was set up. Stem, angle, stack height, etc etc. Having never ridden a true designed 650b I threw caution at the wind and trusted Ezra for what it was worth. What he came back with was a snazzy mock up. There was a little bit of sadness as the rider doesn’t have a pony tail but I will get over it for now.

Measurements were the easy part. Now it was time to figure out the fine details. In the next post I will discuss all the qualifications and needs I had going into this frame.


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