Superfly Single Speed?

Superfly single speed frame

Gary Fisher Bikes introduction of the 29erCrew didn’t even had time to set in before this bombshell was dropped on their new blog. A single speed Superfly carbon frame. Essentially a Superfly with track ends and a slightly modified disc drop out, this frame is already causing quite a stir amongst 29″er afficiandos and single speed freaks alike.

detail of track ends

The bike uses the simple but effective track end type drop out and a slotted caliper mount to move the disc caliper in the event of a flat or for fine tuning the brake. This is pretty nice since the idea is that it is a race rig and weight is of paramount concern here. It also was probably much easier to modify an existing geared frame with a new drop out instead of an overhauled rear stay arrangement for sliders and, of course, easier than making a frame with an eccentric bottom bracket.

Gary Fisher Bikes Brand manager, Travis Ott, tells us that there is in fact three of these gems in existence currently. Two will be going to the LaLonde brothers, Jesse and Marko, while the third will be going to former 24hr National Champion Cameron Chambers. These high profile athletes will all be seen sporting the new rigs at several races throughout the 2008 season.

As of now, no plans are in place to put this bike into production, but I’m betting that Fisher will be hearing about it and soon. What do you think of a carbon fiber single speed hard tail? Put your comment down and hit submit. You never know…………….


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  1. Dave Says:


    Just saw a geared SF in person a few days ago. Very sweet.

    Even sweeter as a carbon SS.

  2. Matty Says:

    Awesome, just what we need, even faster LaLonde brothers. Absolutely bitchin frame though, if it ever gets put into production, i will be first in line for one.

  3. Captain Bob Says:

    I bet it sees production. It needs a multi-directional carbon weave matching fork.

    Is anyone else is doing a SS carbon frame?

  4. Jared Says:

    I don’t ride SS, but damn this would be haught!

  5. trio Says:

    Wow I want one. i’ve just recently got a GF Rig and haven’t ridden my other bikes since. This would be perfect! If it needs testing by a girlie I’m avaliable!

  6. Davidcopperfield Says:

    When superfly Full suspension will be out?

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Davidcopperfield: I wouldn’t look for an XC-ish FS bike from Fisher. I think they will be heading in quite the opposite direction if I am reading things correctly. 😉

  8. Desert9r Says:

    an SF is 23 lbs, I have wondered how low they could get it as a rigid, rim brake, SS ?

  9. Thunderlump Says:

    Geeeeeew!!!!!! crap balls thats hot. Daddy Likeee. Would that be the first production Carbon SS?

  10. Davidcopperfield Says:

    @Guitar Ted
    Then Hi-fi pro 130mm and should be in their agenda, but why it takes so many years to conclude that long travel 29ers can become manufacturable. I know all that demand story, but GF could have ordered Foxes about 140 travel as well for their AM bikes.

  11. upsidedownbiker Says:

    Sweet looking SS.

    David Copperfield, from what I understand the issues with making longer travel FS is the space needed for the longer travel in the frame with the larger wheels. But in saying that keep your eyes open at Sea Otter you may catch a glimpse of a Pivot 29’er with a full four inches of rear wheel movement from what I’ve heard. The rumor I heard is it will be out by mid summer, this year.

  12. txronharris Says:

    Fisher should do this as a SS frameset to complement the geared Superfly. If the frameset was made with all the cablestops to offer the option of making it geared as well, it would be a homerun. I’m riding a Ferrous now with a Bontrager XXX lite rigid carbon fork and having that fork on a SS carbon Superfly would be about as good as it could get. If “Daddy Fish” will do this frame and they’ll convince uncle Bontrager to do some XXX lite carbon 29’er rims we’ll be set!

  13. jj Says:

    Yeah Gary, hit it!!

    I just converted my Superfly last week, to bad I do not dare to remove all cable stops (Could I?)

    A Superfly with EBB would be great, although the TrickStuff Exzentriker works very well.


  14. JJ Says:

    I just converted mine last week. I’d love to see an EBB superfly, although mine with the TrickStuff Excentriker works great!


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Singlespeed (with EBB) Yes, cablestops: No!

    I hate them 🙂

    I just converted mine to singlespeed, using the TrickStuff Exzentriker, and it is to bad I can not remove the cable stops. The Superfly makes a great singlespeed, light and responsive.


  16. Bikenelson Says:

    I received all the parts to convert mine a week ago and may get on that project this weekend. Eccentric Eno on a Stan’s ZTR355, Blackspire Mono Veloce and Sram chain. I will post about it in my blog. The Lalonde brothers are at another level. It is impressive to watch the speed they carry in the Cheq 40 and the WORS races.

  17. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Two words: Hottt ttt.

    So hot that the last three t’s needed their own word.


  18. mike Says:

    Quit dicking around and bring it too market.

  19. sperry Says:


    This had better become a production rig. GF has always led the way on the 29er front. I can see them setting the standard on the 29er SS too. Additionally, this could spur the overall market into more models of 29ers. e.g. SS, FS. HT.

    How about a FS carbon 29er while you’re at it?

  20. Dirt McGirt Says:

    mike, take er easy, bub. no need to get all riled.

  21. Darrin Says:

    I WANT THIS BIKE>>>I have been e-mailing Gary Fisher asking for them to make a carbon single speed for the last 3 months. I race on the new rig but the aluminum frame is a little too rigid. I do alot of my training on the superfly. The bikes are set up the same but the superfly is a much smoother ride.

  22. AK Says:

    So if GF has the:
    Hi-Fi Carbon, 5 inches of travel (Too much for me)
    Caliber, 4 inches of travel i think (About right)
    29er Caliber, though they might have gotten rid of it for 08 (Sounds almost perfect)

    XC heaven…
    If only…

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Cameron Chambers is no longer on the 29er crew. check his blog.

  24. spliff Says:

    I saw the third (?) at the first WORS race. Aaron Mccombs (I guess a GF employee) raced it in the sport class and won by 5 min (sandbagger). I pressed him for production date and he hoped for 2009. He also hinted that it may be a frameset, as most prefer to build up their own rig.

  25. spliff Says:

    I saw the third at the first WORS race on Sunday. Aaron Mccombs, a GF employee, raced it in the sport class and won by 5 minutes (sandbagger!). He ran his with a shock. I asked him if it would be 2009 production and he said he hoped so. Also asked about cost and he hinted at it being available in a frameset as most like to custom build their rigs. So if you wanna see one in person, come to Wisco I guess. Looks like there will be 3 of them at most WORS races.

  26. Foxy Says:

    thanks for the news

  27. Shaun Says:

    Seen Lalonde’s at Iceman in Michigan in the Gary Fisher display, carbon fork, XXX lite wheelset, XTR cranks, 18.5lbs. Not sure about production…

  28. Swerve Says:

    JJ –

    That is one NICE bike…. specs, weight, overall ride. I would really like to know what you think of the TrickStuff Exzentriker.

  29. David B. Says:

    Right now- only Trek dealers have been order any Superfly SS frames. They were able to order max. of 2 per shop for employees only. My boss ordered two; one goes in rental, I have asked to purchase the other frame. Rumor was that they are getting shipped in Jan.

  30. Shanna Says:

    I have the ss frame and I love it!

  31. Easyriderpdx Says:

    What’s the cost on the frame or what would you guess it to be. What are folks willing to pay?

  32. Brian Says:

    Penn Cycle in Minnesota bought all the remaining Single Speed Superflys that didn’t go to dealers. $1699.99 with an RLC fork.

  33. Trek of Pittsburgh Says:

    Trek of Pittsburgh has over a dozen of these in all sizes that come with the Frame, RLC Fork, Headset, seatpost clamp, and Stem. Call there Robinson Store for details and ask for Christian.

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