April Fewls

Update 2: As to not continue to spread erroneous lies and half truths, we’ve pulled down the this whole article. God only knows who would find this post 6 months from now, skip the “update” and believe!

Update: As many of you have figured out, this is indeed a joke. Gary Fisher stands by their G2 geometry and I appreciate them being good sports with this April Foolery. Although our own Guitar Ted didn’t think it was very funny!


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  1. BruceBrown Says:

    Gee, the new G3’s will be introduced about the time those that ordered a G2 Full Suspension months ago might actually see one with the wait times being what they are from order to delivery.

    Glad I didn’t place an order for a G2 now that I read some tweaking is about to take place.

  2. tobeistobex Says:

    i wonder… what day is it?

  3. nato Says:

    I had a Fisher Caliber 29er, and wasn’t impressed with the G2. It was a good price and parts spec, $1800 for a Reba and X.7, but I never got used to the geometry, and the suspension path felt off.

  4. Oderus Says:

    While I am glad that Fisher continues to improve on their product, I would be more excited to see them actually keep up with current productions. I am miffed that Superflys are damn near sold out for the year and the season is just getting underway. I don’t like having customers wait for months for a bike just so the 09 stuff can see daylight early. I say keep it under wraps until it’s ready. Figure out how to keep up current production on hot bikes before you move on to the next project. Hell look at the new Procaliber line. Lighter than the Hi Fi Carbon Pro that people had been waiting for. A month after their HIFI back order shows up, BAM, the bomb drops. Here is a hotter bike for less money that wasn’t in the first printing of the catalog. Sorry. TIMING, TIMING, TIMING.

  5. hilp Says:

    To Oderus,
    The ProCal and the Hifi Carbon are two different bikes, with the ProCal being a XC race bike with steeper Geometry and a more race tuned setup while the HiFi Carbon is more “trail bike” so the guy that bought the carbon shouldn’t be mad that they came out with the Pro Caliber unless he changed his mind and wants a race bike instead of a trail bike.

  6. hilp Says:

    I know that they are 2 different bikes. It still is pretty lame to release a hot bike like that after a lot of folks have made up their mind and spent their money. It wasn’t at Trek World in September. The Hi Fi was their hot FS bike offering so that is what people flocked to.

    As far as the April Fool’s prank. Good one. You got me. I’m still miffed about production FUBARs though.

  7. Davidcopperfield Says:

    A new stiffer and overall superior rear suspension is necessary for fisher bikes and perhaps other meterial not necessarily carbon but Scandium and any combination the ingredients thereof.

  8. Oderus Says:

    Oops, last post was to hilp, not from hilp. It came from I, Oderus Urungus, the Prime Minister or Sinister

  9. Cloxxki Says:

    I came here just to know what this site would bring, and was not disappointed 🙂

    I totally fell for an April fools fantasy on my favorite XC ski webste, all day long. More tha just the day, after midnight only I got it. I even based a new invension on it (yesterday). Only to find the story was a fake. Luckily my idea, although it reads like another April fools, is not 🙂

  10. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I’ve already seen G4, so, uh, yous guys are pretty much bummin right now.

    Long live the NORTH WEST!

  11. captain bob Says:

    My friends wife has a G6. However, it is the new Pontiac bike. You see, General Motors decided to buy Gary Fisher before they reached the “6” in the “G” line. Smart move I guess.

  12. Tim Grahl Says:

    There seems to be higher than normal amount of traffic from the Madison, Wisconsin area yesterday. Seemed I had some people going…

  13. Dirt McGirt Says:

    That’s weird that you mentioned GM. Specialized put out a fake press release on the 1st saying that GM bought them out.

    That wasn’t funny at all….

    A Holes.

  14. Jared Says:

    Hmmm…seems my criticism of 4/1 is still awaiting moderation. Curious.

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