We Want YOU to Be Heard

The folks behind the scenes here at sixfiftyB have been working hard at this 650b site. Recently it became 650b.com and we launched a database for your 650b mountain bike needs.

Several folks have contacted us wanting more.
Do you think there is a need to open our focus? Not just the new 650b mountain craze that I enjoy so strongly but also the tried and true skinny tire version. Including but not limited to 650b road bikes, touring and everything that holds the title 650b.


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  1. Ghost Rider Says:

    I don’t know if I’d say it is “needed”, but it’s certainly something to consider…although the MTB world is showing more and more interest in this wheel size, the truly big craze seems to be over in the touring and “porteur-style” bikes.

    Having a clearing house for ALL aspects of the 650B movement would probably be pretty well received by the cycling community at large.

  2. Angus Says:

    I think you should expand to include all 650b bikes since your website is 650b.com now if you website was 650bmountainbikes.com or 650bnotouringbikes.com or something like that you could be more selective….

  3. Mark Says:

    Go for an all inclusive site – I think it may drive more visitors.

  4. rick Says:

    I would like to see coverage of all types of 650B bikes. Road, mountain and everything in between.

  5. rick Says:

    On that note I think the Rawland Cycles you featured are some of the coolest bikes I’ve seen in some time, I would like to see full reviews of all the versions.

  6. Arleigh Says:

    Rick –

    You and me both on the Rawland. Unfortunately they are a few months late in production thanks to steel and such. My hope long term is the Sogn to become my commuter bike & cycocross racer.

    hopefully by the fall!

  7. Mike Says:

    If you go the all-encompassing 650B route, you will need to really familiarize yourself with the “other” 650B nuances. The porteur/rando 650B aspect is much more than just a wheel size. You have racks, light systems, very different steering geometry aspects…

    650B on a mountain bike is still a mountain bike and is on the same main family tree branch with 26 and 29 inch wheeled mountain bikes. A 650B porteur/rando bike is not necessarily on the same branch with “road” bikes. To do it right, there will be a lot to learn. As it stands now, this site is 650B mountain bike. It will be a challenge to cross over. Pick up some copies of Bicycle Quarterly to check out the other aspects of 650B. http://www.vintagebicyclepress.com/vbqindex.html

  8. Arleigh Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the great feedback! I am a subscriber to the Bicycle Quarterly and wouldn’t say I’m an expert or even an intermediate folk in rando type bikes. Having built many and dealt with hundred of customers that are randoneers I can say I have a clue.

    thanks again!

  9. Mike Says:

    Full steam ahead!

  10. Lee Says:

    Would LOVE to hear more about 650B road bikes. That’s my primary interest, definitely!

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