Origin 8 Does White On A Carbon Fork: Update

We just had this bike in the stand at the shop I work at and I thought it might be fun for everyone to see one of these new versions of Origin 8’s carbon 29″er forks actually mounted up. It looks almost as though it is an OEM job with such a close match to the Inbred’s paint. Just a coincidence though.

I have been informed by J&B Importers that the version of the fork shown here is currently available and is being distributed amongst their various warehouses. There still is a “black” version available, but that one is currently out of stock with availability set for May at the time of this writing. No word on if the “black” version will be available in the 420mm axle to crown measurement, but you would think that it wouldn’t be a problem to do that.

Stay tuned for further news on this fork and perhaps a ride report from the owner of the bike pictured. (I happen to know him)

No Responses to “Origin 8 Does White On A Carbon Fork: Update”

  1. Desert9r Says:

    I Love mine! I have even gotten to “crash test” it when I didn’t make it down some single track with rocks 1/2 the size of mr wheels, I got up and my bike/fork had the “ready when you are look”

  2. Jwiffle Says:

    Alright! they are instock (though low in number), so I ordered one up! I’ll drop over a pound on my KM with this fork. I hope it can handle some abuse, because I’m not easy on my equipment–I don’t shy away from 2-3 foot drops even on my rigid bike (did a 3 footer the other day and landed hard enough on the front wheel to cause my tubeless tire to burp-lost about 8 psi!-and I even landed rear wheel first!)

    I’m excited about this fork–should lighten and really smooth out the ride, and for an unbeatable price! Significantly less than the WB and almost half the DT Swiss.

  3. captain bob Says:

    I believe it to be a perfect match for my Mamasita.

  4. Jwiffle Says:

    Got mine! But, it is 200 grams over the claimed 770 weight! 970 on my scale. It’ll still drop a ton of weight from my KM fork, but I was hoping to save those extra 200 grams.

  5. Jwiffle Says:

    oh, by the way, that was with the v-brake bosses on and steerer tube uncut. without the v-brake bosses, uncut, it weighs in at 885 grams, so a bit closer to claimed weight. they must have based the claimed weight on the shorter version without the bosses. Package also states the fork comes with a top cap compression device, but no starnut or anything was actually included.

  6. Jwiffle Says:

    ok, so I got it mounted up, and will get a first ride on it tomorrow! Dropped 0.7 pounds! My KM went from 23.9 to 23.2 lbs. I have only ever used the KM fork, and have been told that even for steel it is a pretty harsh fork, so I can’t wait to see how the carbon Origin-8 smoothes out the ride!

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