Haro Sex Shots

Jill posted new photos of the Haro 650b hardtails over at her blog.   A handful of photos showing off very clean looking bikes. Almost too clean – get those things on the trail!

My only beef with these photos are minor.  Platform pedals, no zip tie mounts on the fork and plastic stickers on the rotors.

Photo credit : BikeBizBabe.blogspot.com


No Responses to “Haro Sex Shots”

  1. MMcG Says:

    Sexy photos – but why not just spec both versions with Mary Bars – it isn’t like only single speed riders like those bars.

  2. jill hamilton Says:

    We photographed the bikes with platform pedals because that’s how they come spec’d.

    The decal on the rotor…well, chalk it up to sh– happens. My main goal was to get these bikes in front of people so I wasn’t sweating the small stuff. These are quick studio shots we did at the last minute for the purposes of me having some images for my blog.

  3. Arleigh Says:


    As I said.. very minor details. Very nicely taken photos in all!

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