SUNRingle Charger : First Impressions

Finally last week the Chargers were able to be mounted up with the Pacenti Neo Moto tires on the new Salsa Ala Carte. 3 laps later at my local 6 mile loop I had gotten everything I had come to see for the day.

The rims were awesome. They took every licking I threw at them. Running full rigid can be very tough on rims – ESPECIALLY when you run your tires at super low air pressure. There were a few questions left in my mind about the wheels themselves but being in my shop with the proper tools would be needed.

Taking them home I took the wheels off the bike to be ready to ship. The questions I had were for the tension and spokes. Taking my tension meter to the spokes on both sides of both wheels what I thought was true. The tension was super high on the spokes for a all mountain, double butted, 3 cross, wheel. From my understanding the wheels were built at SUNRingle but the tension easily could have been adjusted between them and me. Regretfully I had to re box the wheels before playing with tension and riding them again.

With the limited time I played on these wheels I enjoyed them. The rear freehub was great and the tires mounted easily. Other than the tension the build was very strong with even tension around and proper lacing.


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  1. Jason Says:

    Do you know what hub they use on that wheel? I’ve read some good things about their hubs since they redesigned them a year or so ago. I had been looking at a 29er set – price was right, but just wasn’t sure about durability since there weren’t many out on the trails.

  2. Arleigh Says:

    Jason –

    I fwd along your question to SUN but haven’t heard an answer back yet. I’ll give them a ring if I dont hear something soon!

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