Introducing the sixfiftyB Database (plus, win a pair of Pacenti Neo Moto Tires)

Here at we are constantly working to make our site your main source of 650b information. We talk about the newest products hitting the market, do regular product reviews and have a pretty solid amount of bike porn photos for you to look at.

However, as we looked around the internet the only list of available 650b bikes and parts were on a buried post on a popular forum. The same place had a list of compatible parts that weren’t designed for 650b. It became very time consuming to see if a 26″ fork I had would work with 650b.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch the sixfiftyB Database

This is a database of 650b products that anyone can edit. It is collaboratively written by you, the readers. We’ve kicked it off by adding several products, but need you to help finish it out. As you help with this, it will grow to become a great resource for people looking to buy or upgrade their 650b.

We’ve also kicked in a pair of Pacenti Neo Moto tires that you can win. All you have to do is register with the sixfiftyB database and start updating or adding products.


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