Salsa Ala Carte: On Test

SixfiftyB has picked up a new frameset in the geared form. Steel is still real so when I stumbled across the fact that the Salsa Ala Carte could handle 650b tires I knew it was something needed.

It was a good thing this frame came in house this past week as the SUNRingle wheels I rode had to be run in the geared form. If you remember the issue I ran into with the single speed conversion sets (they didn’t work.)

The night the frame set came in it was built up. Temptations of a nice evening ride were passed up in hopes of riding this new beautiful steed the next day. Everything worked out as planned with the build which was a huge sigh of relief.  I only had 24 hours left to ride the SUNRingle wheels and I wanted to make it a good ride!

So far I have about 20 miles on the bike. It is living up to the hype. Geometry is comfortable but not too slack. Steering with a 100mm stem is dead on.  Fork isn’t too flexy which for a stock bike is good, for me and my light weight is bad. The plan is to ride in a good amount this weekend with the new tires I am also reviewing.


8 Responses to “Salsa Ala Carte: On Test”

  1. MMcG Says:

    How’s about those Chargers? How’s the rear hub?

  2. nalax Says:

    How about an update? Were the new tires quasi-motos?

  3. Arleigh Says:


    I’ve only gotten about 5 rides on the bike so far which to me isn’t enough to give an update. The bike and tires are great so far but that’s mainly on two trails which I know very well.

    Look for an update in two weeks when there is more miles under the wheels.

  4. Benny Says:


    I’m thinking of bying an Ala Carte as well, so any change on a little review?


  5. Arleigh Says:


    The bike is needing a hub overhaul so it hasn’t seen dirt in a few weeks. Give me till the end of July and there will be a full write up.

  6. chris trilby Says:

    I know this is a long while after the original post, but I am wondering what size 650b tires you were able to fit in the frame, I have an Ala Carte and am thinking of breathing new life into it with 650b

    • Guitar Ted Says:

      Cris- Arleigh did this in 2008, so I am running off memory here, but I’m going to say it was the original Pacenti tire at 2.1-ish width, as I recall it was.

      • Chris Says:

        Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping I could get at least that much tire in there, good news

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