Origin 8 Does White On A Carbon Fork.

Origin 8 carbon fork with removable canti studs.

We all know about the Origin 8 carbon fork. What you may not be aware of is that now there are a couple of options to the first edition. As you can see by the image above provided to us by Origin 8, the crown and drop outs are now available in pearly white in addition to the all black model they have always had. Also, the canti stud mount version has removable mounts. This is cool for those wanting to move their fork to another disc brake bike. (The tabs for the disc caliper are still on the left drop out, International Standard type) What is even more interesting is that you can move the mounts to any posistion you want to on the fork leg to align the cantilever brake to any wheel size. This means that you could run this fork with rim brake 650B wheels, for instance.

Origin 8 fork detail

Also, the fork is available in two axle to crown measurements. 465mm and 420mm. Both lengths will clear 29″er wheels. This might be a great choice for all you Raliegh XXIX owners out there!

Here are some specs provided to us by Origin 8:

-3k Carbon Legs with Forged Alloy crown and dropouts
-1-1/8� steerer
-420mm axle to crown
-465mm axle to crown
-Both forks have a 43mm rake
-Weight is approx 700 – 720 grams depending on the steer tube cut.
-White painted crown and dropouts are in stock now.

Check your favorite local bike shop for these Origin 8 forks. Thanks to Origin 8 for providing these images and specs.


No Responses to “Origin 8 Does White On A Carbon Fork.”

  1. AC Says:

    Smart! “canti stud mount version has removable mounts.”

  2. Desert9r Says:

    IM picking up my XXIX today after getting This fork installed by my LBS.

    O sweet sweet eye candy. and it is so light I point I had to remind myself that I was holding it.

  3. Jwiffle Says:

    Must have sold out already! You mention they were instock just 2 days ago, but now J&B lists only one fork in CA (canti), but I’m looking for the disc only. I hope they get more in soon!

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Jwiffle: The canti mounts are removable, so you still could get the fork and take of the mounts for the clean disc only look. Just a suggestion.

  5. Desert9r Says:

    GT- did you get my pics?

  6. Carl Martens Says:

    I am building up a 2008 Gary Fisher Rig 29er frame…what fork do you suggest for this? What if money is no object? I see a lot of Carbon forks, but am just not sure which to go with. What are your thoughts?

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Carl Martens: I’d go with an On One Carbon Superlight, if you can get your hands on one. The 47mm of offset will be closest to the G2 Fox you had (or should have been) on the bike.

    Rumor has it that Bontrager is going to finally offer a G2 Switchblade soon, so that may be of interest to you. I think we’ll know more about the possibility of a 51mm offset carbon fork from Bontrager very soon, probably by next month this time. 😉

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