Fast Boy Cycles

As I mentioned before in my Handmade Passion post I have been working with Ezra of Fast Boy for my newest ride. We have been hammering out the details for about a month trying to get everything dialed in before the build process started.

Fast Boy Cycles is a very new company. He only has a few frames out and the website is still being created as I type this.

Ezra was the reason I started looking in to the 650b wheelsize. When I presented him everything that was wanted or needed out of my custom race bike he came back with the 650b wheelsize. He gave me the standard pros and cons, he also said he wanted to do something different. You see most builders are doing 29ers. Being smart and being different is what Ezra does very well. After the conversation with him I set off to research 650b and what they are all about. SixFiftyB was formed shortly after and the rest is history.

In the coming weeks I will be posting drawings, photos and specs of the bike. Ezra is an amazing photographer who takes gorgeous detailed photos so there will be a constant update of the building process.


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  1. twenty-six inches Says:

    Ezra is an excellent craftsmen. I can’t wait to see the frame. I’m sure it will be a one of a kind.
    I am currently building up a 650b. Although it is not a Fast Boy I’m really jazzed to ride 650’s.

    I have been riding a 26er (single speed) for 3 or 4 years. So i through my leg over a 29er for 3 solid months over all types of terrain. I wanted to see what the hype was all about. NO THANKS!!! I’m boycotting the whole 29er movement. I mean 29ers have there advantages but I feel there are more disadvantages. I don’t want to beat on a dead subject of 26 this 29 that blah blah blah…

    So I’m going to settle this and give you an answer some don’t want to hear …. So listen close because I’m going to say it softly.
    605b BITCHES!!!! Spread the word!!!

    Stop crying about those frivolous issues:
    What if they don’t make any more tires or what if nobody els makes rims.
    What are you going to do about a fork? Do what they did when mountain biking first started, improvise. There is plenty of room in the cycling market for 605b.

    F the man, I say jump in the water is fine. These big companies jumped on the 29er band wagon to soon. Did they forget the cycling community is chock full of diversity, and we like to have more to choose from then black and white. I mean really.

    Innovators like Ezra help shape and lead us into the feature of cycling.

    650b I’m in!!!!

  2. Fast Boy Cycles : Intro | sixfiftyB Says:

    […] is the mock up CAD of me on my Fast Boy which Ezra renamed the Fast Girl. The bike won’t be that color and it won’t have suspension but it is pretty cool to look at for […]

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