Haro Teaser Pictures

A quick memory refresher on the Haro brand and 650b. Haro has been very behind the 650b movement since around last Interbike. Jill was able to fit 650b’s on one of Haro’s full suspensions and since has been a big fan. They even had converted bikes at the Dirt Demo for Interbike. This year they are supposedly releasing two models in the summer. A single speed and 1×9 with talk of a full suspension for next year. Talk has been pretty hush, hush and the date was even pushed back of release from April to summer.

Last week, Jill – brand manager of Haro, put up a couple photos a rigid fork painted a white color. She mentioned that she will be posting photos of the bikes sometime this week. I like the look of the fork. Simple and clean. I’m not sure how I feel about the semi-box fork but I’m sure some retro riders will enjoy the look. Keep your eyes open for more photos (hopefully) tomorrow!






No Responses to “Haro Teaser Pictures”

  1. MMcG Says:

    I can’t wait to see the complete bikes. The fork looks nice, almost a hybrid between segmented and unicrown if you look at it close enough.

    I wonder when the complete bike photos will surface?

  2. Stumpy Says:

    Looks alot like the Vassago Pitchfork.

  3. Germ Says:

    http://www.650BPalace.com has complete Haro 650B pictures. Haro is calleing them the Beasly. 1×9 and SS

  4. Arleigh Says:

    thanks germ, I guess both sites posted at the same time!


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