Meeting Rawland Cycles

A few writers from Crooked Cog are out at a show for Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). It is a scaled down version of interbike but only for vendors/customers of QBP. What this means is more face and hands on product time.I was able to meet Sean of Rawland Saturday morning during the show. He brought both his Sogn and Olaf bikes for Tim and I to take around the parking lot. (I will honestly say I was freezing and didn’t get as much of a ride as I would of liked.)

The bikes were built awesome with their upright handle bars, SRAM road group on the Sogn and Paul brakes on both. I still am not a big fan of the mountain drop bars but could see the benefits. Sean was very excited to point out all the small details, details I will point out are rarely found on $650 frame sets.Here’s the things that stuck in my mind.Gorgeous horizontal drop outs on the Olaf. The long length to them allows a 8 tooth range so flip flopping your wheel to a much different gear will be something of ease instead of hassle.

3 water bottle cages. These bikes are built for the long haul, stout and plenty of places to carry the much needed H20.

Rack/fender mounts. Threaded at all the right places. Places for fenders to mount at the brake bridge, seat and chain stay, threaded at both front and rear drop outs.

Ample toe/tire clearance. Sean’s demo bikes seemed to be around the medium/smaller side. Maybe a 17.5. These bikes had TONS of toe clearance with the huge NeoMoto tire.

Down tube shifter bosses. Flat bar with down tube shifters… how much hotter/retro can you get??

Sean even put our new SixFiftyB stickers on his van! Thanks for meeting Sean and I look forward to ordering one of these frames for my commuter ride later this year.


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  1. rhino Says:

    Rawland link is busted up.

    link police

  2. Malba Says:

    The link works just fine.

  3. Arleigh Says:

    Thank you link police! It needed a www

  4. watbworks Says:

    You forgot to mention the beautiful fork.

  5. arsbars » 18/365 Says:

    […] Rawland Cycles bikes up close are very detail oriented. The set up is well thought out. Kudo’s to Sean. (SixFiftyB has photos) […]

  6. MMcG Says:

    Those are hot.

    PRoduction frames will also have disc brake tabs yes?

  7. Malba Says:


  8. Arleigh Says:

    Yes the sogn (geared) bike comes in two frames.. either canti or disc. Personally I’m backordering a disc

  9. logan Says:

    That fork is sick.

  10. Phil BIckford Says:

    All the links under ‘categories’ are broken.

    Nice bikes though.

    Browser : Safari

  11. Mike Says:

    Will the Olaf have disc tabs?

  12. Rawland Cycles are Almost Here | 650b Says:

    […] in February I met up with Sean of Rawland Cycles and was able to test spinthe Rawland’s for a few minutes and can […]

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