New Tires for 650b

A few writers from Crooked Cog are out at a show for Quality Bicycle Products (QBP). It is a scaled down version of interbike but only for vendors/customers of QBP. What this means is more face and hands on product time. Both Commute By Bike and Twenty Nine Inches have some pretty cool posts from the show so far. (Worthy of you to click those links.)

Razer XC PanaracerThere are two pieces of news that is pretty exciting. First is it was confirmed that Panaracer has teamed up with Kirk Pacenti to make a more XC race tire. The tire tread is going to be much like the Razer XC in a 2.0 width. From the vendors representative it sounds like Kirk is testing out the tires first and then there will be a notification of availability.

The other big news is a tire maker that is pretty large will be releasing a aggressive XC tire. I can’t spill the beans yet as they aren’t releasing it until the big vendor show in Taipei. I can say the sizes will be in 2.1 and 2.35, based around their very popular sticky all mountain tire.


No Responses to “New Tires for 650b”

  1. MMcG Says:

    Nevegal 650bs??

  2. Arleigh Says:

    I won’t say one way or another. I should have photos in two weeks!

  3. MMcG Says:


    Okay can’t wait to see those tires!

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