Frostbike '08: New Reba and Other News.

Rock Shox Reba 100mm thru axle fork

Here at Frostbike 2008 there is some hot news to counter the cold temperatures outside. We knew it had to happen someday, and it is coming. A Rock Shox thru axle fork. We were hoping to see maybe to see a 29″er Pike or something with 120mm of travel, but this is a start. 100mm of travel and a bit different details such as the control knobs and the nice, subtle graphics.

Rock Shox Reba detail

Rock Shox control knob

No word on an actual release date for this fork, but we would have to believe that more of this fork will be seen and heard of at Sea Otter.

In other 29″er related tidbits……….

Hutchinson is going to announce another 29″er tubeless ready tire at Sea Otter that will be a 2.3″ wide aggressive trail tire based upon an existing 26″er tread.

Fulcrum, Campagolo’s sister company most known for some super high end road wheels, has been making forays into mountain bike goods and they are not leaving the 29″er market untouched. We will be getting an image of one of two 29″er wheel sets that they are introducing soon. These wheels should prove to be everything Fulcrum is known for, light weight, good looking, and expensive.

Marzhocchi was the first with a purpose built 29″er suspension fork, but have dropped out of the big wheeled market in recent years. We’re hearing that they will be planning a return to forks for big wheels next year. We will be keeping an eye on this developing story.

Look for more details and news from Frostbike soon.


No Responses to “Frostbike '08: New Reba and Other News.”

  1. taco Says:

    that looks like more than 100mm.

  2. gc Says:

    I was hoping for something like 80-120mm w/ u turn… if this is the product they’re going to release what seperates rs from the wb, manitou, or fox?

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    taco, I thought so too, bt upon asking I was told that it’s just 100mm. ;(

    gc: Not sure this is “it”, ya know?;)

  4. berrywise Says:

    Talked to the guys at Fulcrum for quite awhile and the mtb wheels they will be offering are surprisingly not really that expensive. Some pretty cool ideas as well. Ask them about the magnet you use to change out a nipple.

  5. Ben Says:


    Lady at Rock Shox told me it would be 80-100-120 internally adjustable. 🙂


  6. martini Says:

    jason from Salsa said the same about the fork. 80-100-120. No uturn, but at least the travel is there. Also not noted by any one above is the off set. We’re looking at 46mm on it. Sweet!

    I’ve not personally hefted a standard RS Maxle, but this one seemed particularly light.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Ben, martini: Correct. I found out this as well talking to some people further about it this afternoon.

    By the way, good to see all of you there! 🙂

    berrywise: Yeah, 1850 grams for the set of the higher end ones, which will have the bling-bling graphics of Fulcrums other offerings as well. Not the “plain jane” black we saw. Also, the higher end ones are the only tubeless ready set. The lower end ones, which I believe they said would be in the 2100-2200 gram range are standard drilled rims.

    I have the formal company images on disc, which I will post after I get back home.

  8. j-dog Says:

    I can’t wait for the 29er Toro from Hutch. Did they have samples there??

    Anyone ridden the 26″ version by chance??

  9. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Me likey! And that DOES look like way more than 100 mils. That fork is the f’n HEAT, though. HEAT!

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    j-dog: They did not have a sample there, but I’m hearing it will be a 2.35″ wide tire. That should be a really nice all around tread for trail riders. It will be released right after Sea Otter, according to the Hutchinson rep there at Frostbike.

    Dirt McGirt: The fork is reportedly also going to have a more refined Mission Control damper and amazingly is supposed to be lighter than the current Reba!

  11. txronharris Says:

    That fork is exactly what we’ve been missing. I’ve been saying all along a 20mm axle with a cross country weight was the ticket. And that fork gives me the reason to look at a Fisher Hi-Fi for a long travel 29’er trail bike. Now if I can just convince my wife after telling her all I needed was a rigid singlespeed……

  12. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Dude, don’t put another fork on a hifi. That’s the whole point of the bike! The custom trail! I heard people were bitching about the fork being special and not being able to buy a frame only. Big Whoop. Keep the fox on there and pull your panties out of you crack and hit the road!


  13. j29 Says:

    Inside info – Tora 29 is going to be Tora Race 29
    details to follow

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