Frostbike: Exclusive Coverage Coming!

Twenty Nine Inches, The Bike Lab, and Commute By Bike will all be the exclusive media outlets for the upcoming Frostbike dealer only show in Bloomington, Minnesota on February 16th and 17th.

Look for exclusive reports and snippets of the upper Mid West bike culture to be on display on these three sites starting on Friday, February 15th. We’ll be on the inside, behind the scenes, and at the after hours events to bring you all the latest happenings from the Quality Bicycle Parts warehouse located in the cycling rich Minneapolis/Saint Paul area.

Of course, I’ll be focusing on mountain bike/29″er related news, but I wouldn’t rule out some other hi-jinx that might be happening too. Stay tuned!

No Responses to “Frostbike: Exclusive Coverage Coming!”

  1. martini Says:

    Hijinx that I fully intend on participating in may I say… See ya up there Mark!

  2. Arleigh Says:

    Maybe I’ll find some content??

  3. berrywise Says:


    What day are you attending? I’ll be out there on Saturday and will keep my eye out for ya.

  4. martini Says:

    I’ll be there both days scott. I’ll be wearing a pinkish shirt w/the shop logo on it on Saturday for sure – maybe sunday if it doesn’t stink.

  5. blizno Says:


    I didn’t read this until the 18th, days too late!

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