More NAHBS Photos

Gino over at Flickr has some good spy shots of the Sun 650b rim on the what I think was the Ventana El Bastardo.

Close up of the decal on the Ventana.



I’m very excited to see that Ventana and Sun are both on the 650b wagon. I would love to get a 4-5″ travel 650b bike in my arsenal.


No Responses to “More NAHBS Photos”

  1. Gino Says:

    More direct link to these pics:

  2. Arleigh Says:

    Thanks Gino! Every time I see your photos that Rohloff/belt drive amazes me.

  3. Ventana El Bastardo: A Preview | 650b Says:

    […] Months ago at the National Handmade Bicycle Show a 5″ full suspension bike was shown at Kirk Pacenti’s booth. The bike was named the El Bastardo being produced by Ventana USA. The thoughts and look of this bike excited me. THIS was what 650b was for. Teeter totters, 65 mile grinds in the mountains and big fat tires. […]

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