Converted 1X1

A couple weeks ago I posted about the demo wheels I received in the mail. The 1×1 has been through some changes since that post and been ridden a good amount.

Originally I was running a Marzocchi Bomber that the 650b front wheel fit in. After a good ride on it I realized that the tire was just too close as sticks and leaves kept getting wedged between the tire and arch. There also was a flip flopping feel as the fork pushed the tire out a bit further. Off came the suspension fork and on came the stock 1×1 fork.

With a handful of rides on the rigid fork I must say I am very impressed. I have been trying to ride 1 day with the 1×1/650b and the following day with my Karate Monkey 29er. I have been able to turn over a harder gear on the 650b than what was originally on the 1×1 and also harder than what’s on the Karate Monkey. (Wheel size is put in the equation for gear inches.)

The 650b wheel on the 1×1 fork takes turns awesome. The heavier tire (2.35) Neo Moto than I’m used to took a couple miles to get used to but once my arms were used to how it turned it felt great. Tire pressure was ended up around 25 lbs. Lowering it every time out until I felt comfortable about running fully rigid with out getting pinch flats. Long term what ever wheels I end up building up I will be running tubeless, at least in the rear for less air pressure and no pinch flats.

I’m looking forward to riding this bike more…


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  1. Rob Says:

    I want to build one of these for myself (1×1 with 650B).

    I really like your photo in the woods. The blur is perfect.

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