Riv Bike : Bombadil


Many people have started the buzz around the Haro 650b bikes that are supposed to be launched towards the tail end of this spring. What most folks haven’t heard about is Rivendell Bicycle’s 650b Bombadil. A steel bike meant to carry loads, tour, ride on the trail and commute. A good all rounder right? From Rivendell what else would you expect.

From the details on the site it looks like the wheels of the bike grow with the size of the frame. 650b wheels for 48cm, 52cm and 56cm. 700c for 60cm. I am excited to see more builders getting on the wagon of different tire sizes via frame size. This is what has brought me to 650b wheels in the first place! The tire clearance is 52mm which equates to 2.04″ this would lend it self to more dirt paths and smoother single track. Cantilever brake stops would also keep the most technical rider off this frame.


Check out RivBikes site. I often spend hours of down time looking/reading.

The last news update from RivBike about this bike was on January 28th.

We got early samples of the Bombadil badge, and on the site there under Bombadil, you can see what it looks like. It’s bigger than I’d expected, and thicker, too. The radius is wrong for the head tube, but that’s being fixed, and it’s not a problem now because the bikes aren’t due for a few months.

I think we’re going with a double top-tube on the Bombadil, instead of the curvy thing we’d planned on. The curvy thing, basically a brace btw the downtube and head tube, is a pain to make and complicated carrying a frame pump. I’m not sure the extra top tube (like the 69cm and 72cm A.Homer Hilsen have) is necessary, but it strengthens the triangulation, if that’s the way to put it. It firms up the front end by effectively shrinking the head tube–something not important on a normal bike, but helpful on a bike like the Bombadil.

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