Rawland Update

An updated email from the gang at Rawland :

rawland_sogn_1.jpgThe Sogn: Yes, it is indeed true that the Sogn will be available with cantilever bosses as well. This version will feature down tube shifter bosses. The disc version will have split cable stops at the same location on the down tube.

Delivery: The production schedule has been pushed by four to six weeks so that we can have both versions of the Sogn here at the same time. Although unanticipated, we have reasons to believe that the manufacturer will still have the capacity to build and deliver Rawland products in the long run. Perhaps we may have jumped the gun as to the schedule, and we wanted to acknowledge our appreciation for your interest and support. We are optimistic that the first batch will get here in the spring.

Interbike: We have a booth at Interbike again next fall. That is when we hope to unveil a third model and a new product. The new model will cater to the youth, and will be consistent with the Rawland theme. We also plan to unveil a new, Rawland-exculsive product that is currently under development. Details and pictures will be shared on the web site when they become available.

Pacenti Neo Moto: We will ship tire orders at no cost to anywhere in the USA.

Specifications Sheet: We have updated the Sheet with some additional details. For example, both the Olaf and the Sogn take 27.2 seatposts.


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