Full Suspension 650b?

There are rumors flying around, promises and hopes for a 650b full suspension frame to be available this year. Haro has one is promising one for next year as they will be releasing two hard tails this year. Who will be the first up to bat? A boutique small builder? A larger mass supplier?

So far it looks like Vassago has the soonest release date of April on their Rapscallion. This teaser can be found on their website:


Sea Otter might be the first look at what is going to be released in the next 8-12 months. It seems to be the waiting game now.

Late edit : Ventana was the first to get out on the full suspension playing field with the El Bastardo.


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  1. Waterat Says:

    Ventana has already beaten them to the punch with the El Bastardo. I love that name at least someone has a sense of humor. Anyhoo it will be a 650B version of what looks like the El Cicolon 5″ travel bike available in March 2008 according to the scuttlebut. You can call Sherwood right now and order one………

  2. Arleigh Says:

    You’re right! The El Bastardo was debuted at NAHBS a couple weekends back. Thanks for posting the comment! Check out this post for pictures.


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