Thank You!

From time to time, we here at Twenty Nine Inches would like to thank those companies and individuals that have invested into this site and point out to you, our readers some of the products and services on offer from them. We appreciate you, the readers and the sponsors of Twenty Nine Inches that keep the site rolling very much! Thanks to……..

Gary Fisher Bikes Check out Fishers newest HiFi 29″er line up of full suspension trail bikes. They feature the new G2 Geometry and several sweet Bontrager accessories.

Competitive Cyclist Check out the Turner Sultan, a highly refined design from Dave Turner and have it kitted out using the unique Kit Calculator on offer at the website.

Salsa Cycles Check out the classic Dos Niner soft tail 29″er or any of Salsa’s excellent components to kit out your 29″er rig.

Twin Six Check out the latest Twin Six designs for 2008 including the understated, classy Deluxe, and several other great jersey and t-shirt designs from the cycling minds at Twin Six.

We appreciate these companies support and recommend you check out their products.


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  1. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Mailorder… ick…

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