Siren "Song" Update

You might remember our Interbike Coverage from last fall when we showed you the first prototype of a new soft tail design by Siren Bicycles called “Song”. The first prototypes have been ridden and analysed and now Brendan Collier, head honch of Siren Bicycles, has developed some parts that have refined and improved upon the originals.

Song flex plte assembly version 2

As you can see, the flex plate assembly mock up shown here has been refined and changed a lot from the original design. Brendan moved the flex plate brace to the underside, minimized the chainstay connection, and basically gave the whole assembly a cleaner more organic look over the original.

Underside of the flexplte asembly for the Song
A bottom view of what the flex plate assembly will look like

Brendan has told me that developement is moving right along and that the next generation of Song bikes with the new flex plate should be debuting this spring. Actual Song bicycles for sale should follow shortly there after. The Song itself will be available in a “55” format, (Brendan’s moniker for a 69er design) or as a full on 29″er. Design features promise at least 1.5″ of rear travel using a Cane Creek damper unit. Tire clearance has been improved with the new flex plate, but until actual bikes hit the trails I can not report on how big a tire will fit yet.

The bolted assembly may allow for switching out of rear triangles or to allow for breaking down the bike for travel purposes. Two possible features that Brendan is looking at yet but may not make it to production.

Thanks go out to Brendan Collier and Siren Bicycles for sharing this update with Twenty Nine Inches. We will be bringing you more on the Song or any other Siren 29″ers as the news becomes available.


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