OS Bikes Blackbuck: Update

Twenty Nine Inches gave you a sneak peek of the OS Bikes Blackbuck back in October……..sans pictures! Not much of a peek, I’d say! So, I was able to procure some pictures from OS Bikes head, Mark Slate. Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

OS Bikes Blackbuck

The Blackbuck can be had as seen here with a Rock Shox Reba, Avid hydraulics, and WTB Laser Disc wheel set. Of course, it is a single speed, but it can be set up geared with the included pinned derailluer hangar. You must use full housings, but there is a braze on on the downtube to screw on a cable guide.

OS Bikes Blackbuck front end

Another interesting feature is the reinforced head tube area. Mark Slate felt that since 29″ers typically have a shorter head tube and a longer lever directing force into the head tube via a 29″ers longer fork, that the head tube needed a little extra beef. Smart move. Also interesting is the seat stay/seat tube jucntion and, of course, the gracefully arcing seat stays themselves accented by some fine silver and red pinstriped darts.

OS Blackbuck from the top/side

In the picture above you can see the interesting water bottle mounting arrangement. Three bolts allow you to posistion the cage in a high or low configuration. You can also mount the excellent but hard to find WTB designed Blackburn Bomber Cage that holds a two liter bottle of water for those epic dry terrain rides. (I happen to have one of those cages. They are great!)

OS Bikes Blackbuck is available in this complete version for about $1600.00 or as a frame and rigid fork only. (The rigid steel fork has 51mm offset, by the way) Contact OS Bikes for more info to get ahold of your very own Blackbuck

No Responses to “OS Bikes Blackbuck: Update”

  1. Cloxxki Says:


    If the WTB big cahuna supports 29″ like this, that’s good!

    51mm huh? Looks like Fisher’s G2 is already accepted as a new standard, by the first man that pulled out his wallet for having a 29″ tire made. And probably the man who sold the most of them, together with Keith Bontrager, who’s tires now also go on 51mm offset equipped bikes πŸ™‚

    I like the seatstays.

  2. Cloxxki Says:

    Oh, forgot, will we be able to get those rigid forks?

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Cloxxki: Not sure on the rigid fork, if it is for sale separately or not. I would contact OS Bikes and find out if you are interested. (My guess is that they would have to go with a frame. There is a very limited amount of frame onlys available)

  4. trainwreck Says:

    um, what’s a pin on der hanger?

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    trainwreck: Instead of using a chainring type bolt/nut or screws, the hangar simply slips over two pins on the drop out and your QR holds it in place. Simple and effective.

  6. Mike Says:

    “Oh, forgot, will we be able to get those rigid forks?”

    Yes. Rigid forks are offered as an option. The optional rigid forks are shorter than typical suspension corrected rigid forks. The head angle will be increased to about 73 degrees. Like Mark mentions below, it’s up to the rider to go with suspension, rigid suspension corrected, or the Blackbuck optional rigid fork.

    Here’s some words on steeper head angles and riding in Mark’s words: “Shorter fork is not a problem in my experience. I have ridden OX bikes (same geometry) with the (shorter) fork (effectively 74 degrees) down some rugged stuff at high speed with what I felt was good handling. The steeper angle decreases trail somewhat which I think is helpful. On paper people make decisions but in reality this is great geometry (imo).”


  7. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Me likey

  8. chuckc1971 Says:

    Only one size? Top tube length?

    Didn’t see this info, but maybe I missed it.

  9. Mike Says:

    Only one size for now. May be a larger and smaller at a later date. Here’s some more geometry info for reference.

    Head and seat angle: 71.3 degrees
    Seat tube length: 19″ with EBB at it’s lowest position
    Maximum seat height (center of BB at it’s lowest position): about 32″
    Effective top tube: 24 5/8″
    Chainstay length: 17 3/8″ (with ebb at about 11:30)
    Head tube length: 4 1/4″
    BB height: 12 5/8″ (with EBB at about 11:30)

  10. name:este Says:

    24.15 tt. One size only at this time is the word.

  11. name:este Says:

    Well it said 24.15 on the drawing I have…..If the shoe happens to fit then it should wear very well for anyone in the market for a pedigree budget bike. One thing for sure is MS knows how to put down on a rigid SS and this bike no doubt reflects that.

  12. trainwreck Says:

    one more question. where are the frames made?

  13. Guitar Ted Says:

    trainwreck: They are made by Maxway in Taiwan

  14. Desert9r Says:

    I would be interested in finding out what those seat stays ride like, a lot of “give” (for a hardtail) ?

  15. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Ted, uh, feel free to… uh send that frame to seattle when you’re done. I’ll do some further testing and ..uh I mean, I’ll be frank, my testing takes a couple years… so I’ll need to have it for a bit. I mean, if that’s ok and all…. you know.

  16. Guitar Ted Says:

    Desert9r: Hmm I wonder too. Maybe I’ll know someday.

    Dirt McGirt: Who said anything about me getting one? πŸ˜‰

  17. Cloxxki Says:

    73ΒΊ AND 51mm??
    Sure, it will still be a bike, but does it make any sence over the suspension fork setup?

  18. DeadLast Says:

    I’ll chime in with the lone voice of aesthetic dissent – that seatstay design is absolutely hideous. Okay, I’m braced and ready for the punches.

  19. Mike Says:

    “73ΒΊ AND 51mm??
    Sure, it will still be a bike, but does it make any sence over the suspension fork setup?”

    No, but when has anything that’s been done make sense πŸ˜‰ ? Mark S has spent time riding such a set up and claims it is no problem – see post #6 above.

  20. Mike Says:

    Oh, forgot to add, that one can buy the frame only and install a suspension corrected fork, suspension fork, or the rigid fork that OS offers. To each his own. I believe a certain someone will be the recipient of a frame and fork so we may be able to hear more about how it rides with this so-called shorter fork. It’s all good!

  21. seckel Says:

    Any timeline / geometry in the works on a smaller frame?

  22. Guitar Ted Says:

    seckel: Mark is in the works with a smaller frame size, but honestly, unless he sells through the current inventory it may not happen. We will certainly post an update if it happens.

  23. Slate Says:

    Thanks for the interest guys. I’m looking at a smaller frame but not sure yet if it will be “Blackbuck” style as only one additional inch standover can be had. Headtube length gets pushed down to 3″ and there’s a lot of leverage. Obviously a rigid fork helps standover. I did a CAD measurement and got 74 degrees. It sounds too steep. But with an even shorter fork (QBP 26″ susp. adj.) I rode a local (Very narrow) trail plenty and liked it. Try it, you may like it. I have the rigid fork I’m selling on my bike and it is staying there. BB height gets a bit low (aforementioned very narrow trail) so I’m considering a half link to ideally place the BB. I am very confident that this eccentric BB will not creak for two reasons – the split is not on center and the shell is bored after welding. Also the fit of the eccentric O.D. to the shell I.D. is pretty close. Seatstays (in theory) provide flex for comfort but I cannot really feel it riding. No offense taken if you don’t like the look. There is a form follows function idea here unlike a car body. I wanted the caliper on the heavier shorter tube also. And getting a strong seat stay top tube junction was another objective. Just a word on “ETT” (effective top tube)… this dimension varies depending on whether seat tube and head tube are parallel or not. That matters for handling but not necessarily for stem choice. I would also like to note that when Fox asked for tire clearance dimensions from WTB my response included the pitch for a 51mm offset to reduce trail. The steeper front end reduces trail somewhat, but not much. Having ridden 29″ tire bikes with fork angles as slack as 70 degrees and as steep as 75 degrees I can honestly say that (for whatever reason) the fork angle seems not to matter nearly as much on a 29er as on a little wheel bike. I would not be offering the rigid fork at the length I have specced without testing. Maybe some will not like it, but it is staying on my personal bike. I truly like negative comments so bring em on. It is difficult to improve when the idea is that the product is perfect as it is. My sincere thanks to G.T. for posting here. I have a site that needs way more attention than I am giving it. I am not necessarily in the bike business. I am more doing it out Of Spirit of enjoyment and learning. Very wet here today in Marin… back to “work”.

  24. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    I bought an “OS” Blackbuck 650B frame. I love it. I am still tempted to get the 29er frame, but fear it is probably too large for me (I’m 5’9″).

    I will say I can only hope that a smaller 29er frame gets built, and I don’t care if it looks like a Blackbuck or not (though I love them). I would buy it anyway as I like and believe in Mark’s designs and frame details.

  25. Wish I Were Riding Says:

    Oh yeah, FOR ME, slack STA’s just work better, and the Blackbuck rocks!

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