Lynskey Performance Designs Custom 29"er Cruiser

At Interbike ’07 Lynskey Performance Designs showed a one off 26″er cruiser bike that got a lot of attention. Lynskey also got a lot of questions from potential customers. One of which commissioned this 29″er. The bike turned out so well that Lynskey Performance Designs is going to offer it as one of their standard designs. Well, calling this standard is actually not quite close to the mark. Let’s say it is one of their regularly offered designs now, shall we?

Jamie Pillsbury of Lynskey Performance Designs says this particular example has “race geometry” and after a test ride proclaimed it to be “spot on” for a “sleeper” race rig. Weight of the complete bike is 23.75lbs and the frame is considered to be a Level 4 Custom by Lynskey. If you are jonesing for one of your own, expect to pony up about $4395.00 for a custom frame built just for you.

No Responses to “Lynskey Performance Designs Custom 29"er Cruiser”

  1. mtroy Says:

    OOOoooo. I like. It remind me of the Merlin Paperboy frame, and more lately, the Blacksheep stuff.

    C’mon, Lottery!

  2. dan Says:

  3. MMcG Says:

    cool frame – but holy moly – my used car was only a few bucks more. 😉

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    MMcG: Yeah, she’s an expensive one, but consider if you will: Level 4 custom is the hand drawn, custom butted and spec’ed tube set. Now other ti makers have butted tubes, but ya gotta understand, they can only draw from one or two profiles. Lynskey has and can do any butting profile, and if the tube for the job doesn’t exist, they make it! Each frame is guaranteed not only for workmanship, but for its ride quality too. If it doesn’t perform as you think it should, they re-do it for you.

    So, yeah. It is expensive, but you get alot for that $$ at Lynskey.

  5. Desert9r Says:

    Shiny!! 😀

    ID still rather have a retrotec.

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