G2 Offset Switchblade Rumor

While at the Trek World dealer only show last summer, I was talking to Gary Fisher when he was distracted and he walked over to a display of Bontrager Switchblade forks. I could overhear him saying, “I’ve got to talk to the Bontrager guys about this offset.” What he probably was referring to was the Switchblades 38mm offset. Gary’s new 29″er and 26″er bikes now have a G2 offset that is longer than the Switchblades and renders that fork pretty much useless to anyone owning a 2008 Gary Fisher mountain bike.

See where this might be going?

Well, I thought it would only be a matter of time before I heard rumblings about a longer offset Switchblade. It looks as though that time might be now. Rumors are starting to be heard concerning the developement of just such a fork. Officials at Gary Fisher Bicycles are tight lipped about it, saying neither yay or nay. Read into that what you will.

My take is that it would be a huge mistake not to do this fork for Bontrager/Fisher. There are a lot of Rig owners already looking at getting a rigid fork for their G2 bikes and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few hardtail G2 bike owners are thinking along these lines also. While they are at it, why not have an inbetween offset too. Say a 45mm offset? That would give us a lot of tuning options.

Twenty Nine Inches will keep you up to date as we get more on this.


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  1. Dust Says:

    It would really be cool if there was some sort of a database for people to look up their frame and add a fork to it and get some sort of an idea of what the handling characteristics would be (without doing all the math themselves). But that would take an immense amount of time due to the amount of data that would need to be loaded plus handling characteristics may be hard to quantify and may mean different things to different people.

    In the mean time, thanks, Guitar Ted, for all of this information! This is helping me make decisions about next bike or how I can improve the handling of my current bike.

  2. Cloxxki Says:

    I addressed this over lunch with Gary at Eurobike, he was like “heck yeah”, being a total believer in the G2 they’d come up with.

    Couple weeks or months ago I too got the fork rumor, from somewhere in the Trek empire. And of course it’s inevitable, although it would have helped them to be pro-active and have it ready along with the Fox forks. Who does NOT want a Superfly with matching carbon Switchblade? And while they’re at it, forks aren’t THAT hard to design and get right, make it something more sexy, and higher-end.
    Foremost, Fisher racers need it.

  3. jeremy Uk Says:

    Hang On, On-One already make a 470mm 47 mm offset rigid fork, which is generally on sale in the States
    All they did when converting the spec from 26″ wheel offset was to change the drop outs.
    Just how long does knocking up a few sets and testing them have to take?

  4. Art Says:

    Dust: The database might be a bit sticky because of the amount of data and the variability in how frames are measured. It could be done with a massive spreadsheet like Rinard’s spoke calculator, or maybe something web based that users could add entries to? While it would be hazardous to take a bunch of parts and say, “It’s going to handle like…” it would be very cool to take a frame and get a relative comparison of a couple of forks.

  5. LIV2RYD Says:

    Make it and they will come…….

    I’ll be the first to pony up the $$ for one when they become available.

    I love the G2 on my HiFi Pro and the Pace carbon on my 05 Rig. Now that I have ordered an 08 Rig, I’m jonesing for the G2 and a rigid fork….

  6. Dust Says:

    Art: That’s a better idea to have people put their own setups into the database. Good thinking!

  7. Desert9r Says:

    IM not a GF fan, but an all-carbon rigid Superfly at 2/3 the price of an Alma, Hell Yeah! that might even turn my off-balanced weak ass into a racer!

  8. Speedbuggy Says:

    A couple of thoughts from me.
    I’d love to see this happen. It was be so rad it would hurt. Especially if they did the aluminum version also (for those of us on a budget).
    A number of people I know have the G2 Fox Forx on older Genesis frames and report that it vastly improved the bike. Which makes sense Fisher didn’t change the geometry of the bike, only the rake of the fork.
    I thought the rake on the G2 forks was 51mm offset, which is different enough from the On One’s 47mm offset.

    Again, bring it on. Let me roll fast n rigid.

  9. jeremy Uk Says:

    I was referring to Ted commenting that an in between fork would be a good idea.

  10. Speedbuggy Says:

    Jeremy UK,

    Gotcha. I’ve had trouble understanding people the last 12 hrs. And trouble communicating too.

  11. Dust Says:

    Are there any rigid forks with the G2 offset or at least something close? I’d like to improve my Gary Fisher with Genesis Geometry with just a fork. Although buying a new bike would be fun too 🙂

  12. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dust: The On One, as mentioned, is the closest stock fork at 47mm. You could have Willits, WaltWorks, or other custom builders do these as well.

  13. Tim Says:

    I have a 45mm offset rigid fork (Waltworks) on an older Genesis frame, and can report that it drastically improved the handling of the bike.

    With 73.5/71.5 angles, it isn’t the perfect bike, but gets ridden more than all the rest!

  14. Cloxxki Says:

    I find the old Genesis bikes nice and neutral with a Surly fork (43mm offset). It allows me to rip tight singletrack as fast as anyone I came across in races. Quicker handling still might make it easier, but certainly not faster on the stopwatch by a lot.

  15. trev Says:

    a G2 bonty fork is a great idea, but it is such a heavy, dead feeling fork, if they made it light and the same riding traight as, say a pace carbon fork, it would be killer!

    there is no way id put a 900+gram fork on a superfly!

  16. BearSquirrel Says:

    I think that Fisher made a mistake by not offering the rig with a rigid fork. This would get the pricepoint down. Maybe with a G2 offset fork, they can offer a “Rig Rigid” and offer it in the switchblade knock some of the components down and get the bike under $1000.

  17. Evan Says:

    I’ve been contemplating a 29er and right now I’m hot to trot on a Cannondale Lefty fork with either the Fox internals or perhaps the super light carbon. Since I’m not that tall, I’m looking at a custom steel frame with a 1.5 head tube to accomodate it. Yes, I know this might be tough on a smaller frame. We’ll see. I know Project321 makes a 1.125″ adapter so you can run a Lefty on a normal (OS headtube) 26″ frame. How hard would it be to make one that would alter the Lefty for a G2-ish offset on a 29er? Cannondale, are you listening?

  18. bryant Says:

    Has any other request been filled from the wish list around x-mas?? I mentioned this on that list and I cant wait til its available…if it ever will be..

  19. Buck Says:

    Can anyone comment directly on the change or move from a Reba Race to the G2 offset? I’m struggling with a $120 US price premium to put a G2 on my Superfly versus a Reba. Yea, I scored a frame only deal, and am building it up. I have a window to get a FOX G2 but the $$$ …. sigh… thanks and good thread.

  20. Buck Says:

    OK – i just found and started reading the Tuning the Ride series…

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