Jamis Bikes To Sell 29"er Frame Sets

Twenty Nine Inches just got a peek at the Jamis 2008 catalog and noticed that the company is offering three different frames representing all the models of 29″ers that they sell now.

The models include the Dragon 29, the Dakota 29, and the Exile SS 29. The Dragon 29 has a three tube 853 Reynolds steel frame which is a geared specific, disc specific frame. Claimed weight on the Dragon is 4.90lbs.

The Dakota 29 is a geared specific, disc specific frame made from Kenesis Superlight 7005 triple butted aluminum, has an integrated headset, and is a complete redesign for 2008. The claimed weight for the Dakota 29 is 3.70lbs.

The Exile SS 29 is a three tube Reynolds 631 steel frame that is a single speed with track ends, convertible to gears with a derailluer hangar. The frame also has all the necessary braze on cable stops for a geared set up. The Exile SS 29 also is disc specific frame and uses a traditional style head set. The claimed weight for the Exile SS 29 is 5.1lbs.

None of the frames are offered with a fork. The frames are designed for 100mm travel forks with 38mm offset.

A few observations: We felt it newsworthy to post this since getting a frame only option from a bicycle manufacturer is a bit rare these days and really rare in 29″ers. The Dakota 29 is quite eye catching with the severely bent down tube joining the top tube before reaching the head tube. Very reminiscent of how flat land 20″ers are being done these days. Also, the Dakota 29 sports a “flying buttress” style brace from the top tube to the extended seat tube. All in all a very different looking frame for a 29″er. It is also worth noting that the Dakota 29 is one of the lightest mountain bike frames in Jamis’ 2008 line up.

For more information go to www.jamisbikes.com


No Responses to “Jamis Bikes To Sell 29"er Frame Sets”

  1. MMcG Says:

    Jamis offered the Exile as a frame only in 2007 as well. Not sure if they also had that option for the Dakota in 2007, but definitely the Exile (might have even been a frame and fork combo that you could get in 2007).

  2. George Krpan Says:

    The Dragon is $750, Dakota $350, and Exile $550 for the frame.
    I can’t tell if the Exile includes the fork.
    All nice looking frames.
    Evidently aluminum is a lot cheaper than steel.
    I haven’t ridden an alum. 29er yet but with the comfy wheels it might not be much of an issue.

  3. MMcG Says:

    The Dakota is a cool looking AL frameset. The steel frames get you slightly shorter chainstays.

  4. Bryan Says:

    Well I’ll let you know I just ordered a Dakota 29. So we’ll see how it is.

  5. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Let’s exile the dragon to the dakotas…

  6. agu Says:

    Hmmm…suspension corrected for 80mm? I thought the 2007s were corrected for 100mm? I could be wrong.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    agu: Good catch! I have corrected it in the story to read 100mm travel forks. Thanks!

  8. agu Says:

    do I get a prize? hehe

    My bro has an Exile29, and I like it’s handling…aside from the down tube, what other geo tweaks did Jamis do?

    On a side note, I prefer the Exile29 to his other 29er – a Cdale Caffeine. But of course, I’m biased towards my own ride – a Dambala hehe

    The Exiles are priced quite nicely over here (Philippines), with an SRP equivalent of $900.

  9. agu Says:

    $900 for the full bike, rather.

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    agu: No real earth shattering news in terms of geometry. Pretty straight forward 29″er fare here. 73degree seat tube angles, 72 degree head tube angles. Average chainstay lengths. They will probably handle just fine.

  11. Jared Says:

    100mm design, now that’s a step in the right direction. Now, if Fox had not gone with a 10mm less A-C length on their 100mm F29, calculating trail lengths wouldn’t be such a pain .

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