Avanti KISS

Never ridden 29er SS until today.. I’m hooked.


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  1. alixta Says:

    I picked one up yesterday. I spent a bit of time agonising over which rigid SS 29er to get but finally settled on the KISS for the following reasons.

    1. Retro green looks better than Haro Mary ginger or blue (was looking at ’07 & ’08 models).
    2. Maybe it was the attention to detail of the assembling mechanics but the Avanti felt nicer.
    3. The Avanti has decent pedals included.
    4. I have absolutely no plans to fit suspension so I prefer the look of the non suspension corrected fork on the Avanti.
    5. KISS seat felt nicer on my behind.

    Whole bunch of minor details really, but as it’s my fun(ky) bike it was a totally emotive purchase (as bikes should be really) and those details sealed it for me.

    A few more notes

    The Avanti has nice cable guides on the fork, the Haro has none.

    Mary bars on the Haro put me off a bit, I tried to like them on the test ride but they didn’t work for me. As it turned out, I got the shop to swap out the KISS flat bars for wider (about 90mm) mini risers to suit my wide shoulders and to help with out of seat leverage.

    Finally .. I am 6ft tall and ended up with the 20″ frame, so far so good.

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