The Wish List

With the Holidays closing in soon I was thinking about a catalog we used to get from a certain retailer that had the word “wish” in its title. (That title is trade marked, by the way!) Anyway……what I had in mind was something a little bit fun, perhaps.

Here is the deal: If there is anything lacking in the market place for 29″ers that you see a need for, this is your chance to post your “wish” in the comments section. A couple of guidelines here: First, nothing personal. This has to be a general wish for something that you would think other 29″er freaks would also want. Second: It has to be hardware for a 29″er and must be a 29″er specific part. For example, things like Jessica Alba or titanium seatposts are not allowable on our little wish list. Keep it on topic! Third: Give a reason as to why you feel your choice is a worthy choice for a wish. Fourth: Your wish can be brand specific. For instance, you could wish that Surly would make a single speed full suspension 29″er. (Not likely, but hey! Sorry if I stole your idea!)

This will probably be a bit tougher than it was just two years ago when Twenty Nine Inches fired up its first post, but I have confidence in you readers. I’m sure you will have some worthy “wish list” items. Keep in mind a lot of industry folks read this, so you never know! Your wish just might come true!

Remember, keep it on topic and clean, or I’ll have to drop the moderator’s hammer on ya! Okay……..Go!


No Responses to “The Wish List”

  1. NCHILLBOY Says:

    i wish that all the people who said 29ers were dumb and are now on one would have it taken away and be forced to ride 26in forever. Oh…and peace on earth.

  2. Arleigh Says:

    I wish for…..

    A mosquito tire in 29er

  3. GreenLightGo Says:

    My wish list

    29×2.25 and 29×2.4 Evolution Casing UST Schwalbe Nobby Nics. I just opened my package with the Evo casing 29×2.25 Racing Ralph and I’m blown away by the feel of the casing, uber nice. Nobby Nics would compliment the Racing Ralph in Schwalbes 3-tire race system. The Furios Fred is a moot point b/c of WTBs Vulpine. My favorite tire of all time is the Schwalbe Albert – I’m a big Schwalbe fan so the more they bring out to the market, the happier I’ll be. They might as well bring out the 29×2.4 Big Betty too – it’s an uber sweet tire in 26″ size.

    Fox 32 TALAS R and RLC. Not sure what travel would be best, maybe 80, 100 and 120? Would add variety and some capability to some of the current bikes. I have a 2007 32 TALAS R on my 26″ dually and it is very nice, 100/120/140mm travel options. I run it 120 through the woods, drop it to 100 for extended climbs, open her up to 140 for the trip back down.

    Fox 36 FLOAT or Vanilla – makes sense as longer travel bikes emerge.

    Truvative NOIR 3.3 in 180mm length. Light weight alternative to the $himano XTR stuff.

  4. Liv2RideMTB Says:

    How about a Trek 29″ single speeder 🙂 They have the 69’er, but I want a 99er 🙂 And maybe cheaper. That thing is a bit pricey.

  5. Angus Says:

    I am going Old School for my “Wish” list

    (1) Gary Klein to start making bikes again in WA. and making a 29er Rascal
    (2) For Amp Research to get back in the bicycle game and make a 29er Amp fork
    (3) For Surly to make a Reynolds 853 Karate Monkey…

  6. Jared Says:

    I want…Someone to make a STIFF AL hardtail with a 71 deg. HA specifically designed for a 100mm fork. There are a few 71 deg. HA bikes, but that headtube slackens, what, 1/2 deg with those extra 20mm? Oh, and give it gobs of tire clearance and a raw finish. Sure, Sherman from Ventana can build me one, but at a serious cost.

    Oh yeah, and an I9 wheelset in pink (hubs and spokes).

  7. Glenn Says:

    I wish for all 29er suspension forks to have their “adjustment knobs” become low profile so they no longer hit the down tubes on frames.

  8. Glenn Says:

    Oh, and I also wish for a time machine, so I could go back and “undo” some of my bike purchases. I guess that’s not really 29er related, is it? But it could be, if I had the time machine.

  9. Ed Says:

    A Fox F100 RLC G2 29er to build my new Indy Fab Steel Deluxe around. yep that’s my wish.

  10. majura Says:

    I would like to see more 29ers in the EU and Australia. Mainly because bits and pieces would get cheaper, more diverse and become more readily available.

    In terms of product:

    Rock Shox Reba/Revelation 29er fork with U-turn or Two-step
    Rock Shox Sid 29er
    Fox F120 (or Float) 29er with TALAS adjustment

  11. arkadi Says:

    Fox Vanilla 100 RLC 29er. Best fork ever in 26.

  12. choke Says:

    A Rawland Sogn 29er. You can’t beat the retro looks of their bikes. Too bad they ain’t 29ers. I’d like to see more stock bikes spec’d with flared drops like the Midge, especially since there are at least three companies making bars like that now.

    I’d like to see some light 29er wheels and tires from Ritchey. Especially if they came mounted on a Break-Away 29er frame so that I could easily take my ride with me when I travel.

  13. Gary Blakley Says:

    I’d like to see a wide, relatively light rim that’s rim brake compatible. Some (many?) of us prefer V-brakes and will continue to use them. It seems all the development of wide rims is aimed towards disc only. V-brakes are not dead.

  14. helgi Says:

    I’d like a Fox F29 RLC in black, pretty please?

  15. Davidcopperfield Says:

    I would like some Marzocchi AM forks and adjustable travel lenght Manitou- both in coil and air spring versions.
    – Santa Cruz and Trek 29ers with proper forks.

  16. rkappius Says:

    Larger headset bearings, esp. on the lower race. Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that the new crop of road bikes are now using 1.5″ lower race bearings and that the mtb world is stuck in 1 1/8″? My only complaints about 29ers revolve (pardon the pun) around stiffness, or lack there of: wheel flex and head tube flex. With the short head tubes dictated by bigger wheels, we need larger diameter headtubes! Of course the fork manufactures need to buy-in to the idea, and hopefully they will. When I voiced my frustration about this (on a mtb) to Scott Daubert at Trek when I saw they’d done it on their new Madone, he said “we’re working on it.”

    I certainly hope so. BTW, Scott was one hell of a mtb racer when he put his mind to it, I raced with him from about 1990 to 2004.

    Eliminating wheel flex is a bit of a holy grail in my opinion. Nowhere else on a bike is rotating weight more costly, but necessary (is it?) to eliminate flex.

    Give me a stiff headtube first, then I’ll better deal with the flex from my weight-weenie wheels.

    And about that Jessica Alba deal…

  17. jonnyb Says:

    A Karate Monkey in Ti (the ultimate all-weather, all-rounder). Built-in tensioners would be nice too.

  18. Steve Says:

    A nice steel, lugged 29 frame and fork, both rigid with available racks front and back painted to match. Oh, heck, I need to bite the bullet and go custom.

  19. SteveV Says:

    I wish cars had to take side trails and all the streets in town were dirt. And that companies gave ride days in place of sick days, and company bikes. .

  20. Nick Says:

    A short travel (2-3″) 29er FS with a Lefty headtube and BB30 shell. Doesn’t have to be a Cannondale though.

  21. Jerry Says:

    Mr. Tuffy in 29″ !!! I use the gold 700c now but it’s not wide enough. NM goatheads sneer at
    slime tubes.

  22. MMcG Says:

    To Jared if he checks back in.

    The Soul Cycles Dillinger has a 71 degree HT angle and is designed around a 100mm fork. Now will it be stiff enough for you – not sure – but the price sure is a lot less than a Ventana.

  23. Hynas Says:

    GF Hifi 29 ´´ Carbon OCLV (like Superfly), bright/dark blue, RS Reba 2 step in white, RP 23, SRAM X.0, Avid Ultimate 180mm, Bontrager cranks, stem, seatpost, handlebar in carbon, Bontrager Race Lite Tubeless wheels, WTB Nanoraptors, ….I think the real future….maybe 2009. My favourite love. :o)

  24. MMcG Says:

    Oh and I’d love to see a Fox Talas 29er fork and a Fox Vanilla RLC 100 too for those folks who like coil forks.

  25. Jared Says:

    Thanks MMcG, I’ll look into it. 🙂

  26. mac (aka farley) Says:

    As someone who rides frames at the upper end of stock size ranges, and who likes to run my bars about the same height as my saddle, I’ve always wondered why my frames’ head tubes all end up being about the same length as those on the small sizes.

    I know there’s a lot of squawking about how 29ers raise the front end up too much, but I think that’s probably more of an issue for people who are on the lower borders of fitting existing 29er frames. I just want to let all the frame designers/manufactures know that at 6’2″, I’m NOT out here struggling to get my bars lower. It’s OK to give me more than 105mm of head tube!

  27. Tom Says:

    How about a long travel fork for those of us in the mountains of Colorado. 120mm just isn’t enough! The Minute with a thru axle would work, but, I’d love to see a 36/Lyric/ or 55 with the large stanchions show up on the radar. I’m enticed by the potential for an Intense 5.5 29er and the WFO, but, wonder if they/’ll ever make it to fruition. I currently use a Maverick DUC 32, but, it’s not stiff enough. Perhaps their new carbon 36DUC will have a 29er conversion?

  28. Ryan Says:


    The Dillinger is the most recent addition to my stable. I’m 200lbs running a 32-16 and can’t get that bike to flex, even on long climbs! He’s also running a special right now for only $245, and his CroMo forks are pretty cheap too! Sounds like the perfect bike for you…

  29. John Says:

    I would have to second Mac’s comments. I’m 6’3″ and ride a large 29’er frame. Handlebar height is not a problem and I would welcome a longer headtube on my large frame to increase stiffness!

  30. Jared Says:

    MMcG and Ryan,
    The only thing keeping from the Dillinger right now is that I am a geared rider. Out here in Utah, it’d be suicidal for me to take some of my favorite rides SS (i.e. Wasatch Crest). I also don’t think the bike comes with a standard 73mm shell. 😦 If it weren’t for that, I’d be on it like blue bonnet!

  31. Bidwell Says:

    A 29’er

  32. Ryan Says:


    Actually the Dillinger is a geared bike…vertical dropouts and all! Chad incorporates an eccentric bottom bracket (oh and it IS 73mm wide) that makes it single speed capable. I have mine set up ss, but have considered gears for racing. The frame comes with a derailleur hanger AND an insert for ss use. You just can’t go wrong with the Dillinger. The site is

  33. Ryan Says:

    My bad…I used spacers…the shell is 68mm…

  34. Rainman Says:

    My Wish:

    I wish that Ibis would make their Mojo in a 29’er wheel size. The 26″ Ibis Mojo is an incredible bike, in a 29″ wheel format it would be …….. the ducks gutz!


  35. MMcG Says:

    As others have mentioned the Dillinger comes with a geared dropout as well as a non geared.

    So you can run it either way!!



  36. superD Says:

    I wish Giant would make a NRS 29er.

  37. Kat29 Says:

    I wish Keith Bontrager would get back into bikes again and make a steel 29’er. Can you imagine a full Bontrager kit with Sram XO and Avid Ultimate. Your choice of Switchblade Rigid fork or Rock Shox Reba.

  38. John Wm. Says:

    Kat29: Check out the new Soma Juice. Very Nice. Mine’s XTR, Juicy 7, and White Bros. carbon fork.

    I wish I had more time to ride my bike. I also wish that XXL jerseys were sized for XXL humans.


  39. Fort James Says:

    I wish Maxxis made the Larson series of tires in the 29er size. I really liked these tires on my 26er – – fast rolling, l know they make the crossmark, but I would love a MiMo on the rear.

  40. mac (aka farley) Says:


    Personally, I”m in a committed relationship with the WTB ExiWolf, but I’ve got handful of friends who get wound up every year around interbike time, hoping Ritchey will finally 29er-ize the Z-Max.

  41. Rider Dude Says:

    I want Santa to bring me a FOX FLOAT 36 for 29er, and a Yeti Seven 29er. All made in Santas super secret north pole R&D lab.

  42. Rider Dude Says:

    Jared: Man Ive done Wasatch Crest that is some really fun trail network. I think thats the first trail I actually got worn out from going down hill for to long. Your right SS up there would be like asking for raging hemroids. Or a hernia.

  43. Jared Says:

    Rider Dude,
    We did the crest last week! Up until Tuesday night, there wasn’t enough snow up there at all. We walked no more than 100 ft. through snow. It was SUCH an amazing ride. Best ride of the season, hands down.

    While I’m on my wish list, I wish for my 2nd riding buddy to get a 29er. Though he would admittedly be a monster on two big wheels, I’d love to see what he can do on them. Randy, you listening?

  44. Charlie Says:

    All I want is some Kris Holm rims… which have been backordered forever.

  45. Ridin'Dirty Says:

    I wish there were more UST tires available now. And I wish they were made reasonably light, fast, grippy and strong…since we are all wishing.

  46. martini Says:

    Fox this Fox that. Fock Fox!

    I want Surly to make a 29″ tandem! Yeah there’s the custom jobbies out there from Vicious and Quiring – but I ain’t made of money. And I want a tandem. I’ve got some purrfect trails around here for a tandem.

    Seeing as the Big Dummy is going for $800ish, I bet they could put a tandem out for under $1k, frame and fork. Rigid, 120 front spacing, or 20mm through axle, rear 150 spacing with maxle. Lots o tire clearance like the rest of the line.

    please please please please please please Surly, make that tandem!

  47. Jared Says:

    Wow martini, “Fock” your wishes too. Geez man, have some respect.

  48. Ridin'Dirty Says:

    He rides a Surly brah…SO BACK OFF!!! 😉

    Fox products are for Trustafarians.

  49. Ridin'Dirty Says:

    Or is it Surly?

    Anyway, Merry Christmas.

  50. martini Says:

    No man, no disrespect! There were just too many Fox requests! Sarcasm is hard to project over the computer ya know…

  51. Jared Says:

    Yes, it is. Maybe </sarcasm> or (end sarcasm) would help. 🙂

  52. SteveV Says:

    So we should put a disclaimer at the end of a sarcastic remark- * Please note sarcastic tone of statement, this is not meant to offend, so please don’t be offended* How’s that?

  53. CdaleNut Says:

    Scalpel 29er please!

  54. GreenLightGo Says:

    Jared – another frame to consider is the Astrix Rook (

    It’s geared, and you can normally get 15% off with Universal’s HDY15 price code. Outstanding quality frame, great handling as well.

  55. Jared Says:

    Aaaahh! GreenLightGo. I’m lookin into it now. Looks GREAT. Maybe I’ll be able to check on thing off my wish list.


  56. Drumdumb1 Says:

    Hows about an IBIS Bo-Ti 29er

  57. Kat29 Says:

    Angus: I would love to see Gary Klein make bikes again. I personally think Gary pissed on John Burke’s Wheatie’s hence the reason of no new technology to the “Klein” side of Trek-or for that matter the continuous “Sharing” of Klein Technology. I can’t wait when the contract is up…

    John Wm: I’m going to go with a Mono Cog frame and throw on XO kit with Juicy 7’s. I already have Superstock wheels and and parts to get rolling….

  58. gpsser Says:

    A surly 29er tandem frameset

  59. skidder Says:

    I wish Fisher would change the color of the `08 Paragon from that hideous baby blue. How about black!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    a 29’er rigid fork…. 20mm axle.

  61. Gamelin Says:

    a 29’er rigid fork…. 20mm axle.

  62. Dirt McGirt Says:

    “Angus on Nov 28th, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    I am going Old School for my “Wishâ€? list

    (1) Gary Klein to start making bikes again in WA. and making a 29er Rascal
    (2) For Amp Research to get back in the bicycle game and make a 29er Amp fork
    (3) For Surly to make a Reynolds 853 Karate Monkey…”

    Ok, I agree with #3.

    As for the others…..

    Why not throw in that you would like a Delorian and a Laserdisc player????
    Just thought you might want to round out the list of stuff that didn’t work….

  63. Dirt McGirt Says:

    “36 superD on Nov 29th, 2007 at 9:23 pm

    I wish Giant would make a NRS 29er.”

    They do…. oh wait… they’re not unretarded enough to understand what they’re missing.. nevermind..

    59 skidder on Dec 2nd, 2007 at 3:28 am

    “I wish Fisher would change the color of the `08 Paragon from that hideous baby blue. How about black!”

    Aww, baby, you got’s to be pimpin to ride the baby blue.. c’mon now. Step the game up!

    “61 Gamelin on Dec 2nd, 2007 at 10:34 am

    a 29′er rigid fork…. 20mm axle.”

    Do you know “Anonymous”? You two seem to be on the same trail…..
    Great idea, though!

  64. El Cid Says:

    Kat29, talk to Paul at Rock Lobster, he could build you a bike that you’d swear came from KB’s original shop, wishbone rear end, gussets and all.

  65. John Wm. Says:

    Mr. McGirt:
    Laserdiscs worked great back in the day, though it was certainly no Blu-ray. A good tape was one recorded off of HBO on to your own “premium” tape — the’re unwatchable now.

    I was characterize the Fisher ’08 Paragon’s color as a manly, DARK baby blue.

  66. vic Says:

    A new compact crank that can run a 20t small ring that is actually round and not custom made.

    I like the baby blue, it expresses sensitivity and whimsy. It is sort of like putting tassels on the mirrors of a supercharged Camaro.

    I still have some laserdisks and a player, I dare you to find a better way to watch Blade Runner at home.

    Oh, and definitely send me Alba and the seat post.

  67. Dirt McGirt Says:

    El Cid

    “Gussets are canopeners.”
    -Nameless Rocky Mountain Bikes Designer []

  68. bryant Says:

    Bontrager G2 Race X Lite fork.
    I already asked them and there are no plans for producing this.

    I’d settle for any carbon custom offset 29er fork that would hold up.

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