SE Racing Stout 29"er: Update

Se Racing Stout as tested

I have been riding the SE Racing Stout off and on now for some weeks and I have this update now to pass along.

The Stout seems like a bike one might get for more than just an off road rig, so I used it as an urban bike for a spell here recently to get a feel for how it might work as a utilitarian bike. I think the Stout has several plusses and some drawbacks in this sort of role.

First, the Stout hasn’t got a quick release in sight which lends itself to being locked up outside of stores, schools, or work for several hours without too much fear of having parts ripped off of it. The gray hue of the ’07 model also plays into this as it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Big tires and large diameter wheels are tailor made for urban riding in my mind, especially over broken up pavement or cobbles. Riding up over or off of curbs or parking pylons is a breeze. Potholes become targets for bunny hopping practice. The simplicity of the drive train means this is all rather silent too. No chain slapping off the chainstay.

The Stout doesn’t work so well from a utilitarian standpoint if you want to accesorize it. No good way to mount fenders or a rack might turn off some potential riders from considering this as a rig for urban uses. However; if you aren’t too concerned with the fender/rack thing, the Stout is a great rig to bomb around town on.

Now back to dirt related stuff! I took off the front Ignitor in hopes of putting on a fatter, cushier tire to gain a bit of relief from front end chatter. I found out that the Ignitors supplied with the bike are in fact wire beaded tires. I had not known that wire beaded Ignitors existed before this discovery. I installed a Rampage on the front and took off for a bit of off roading to see how that affected the ride. I ran the tire at 25psi and I thought it gave a tiny bit more relief than the stock Ignitor, but just that, a tiny bit. I think that for rough terrain I would start looking at upgrading to a front shock real quickly, or at least a carbon fork. A fat tire just isn’t enough on the Landing Gear fork to give enough relief and high speed control.

And speaking of control and upgrades, you might want to take a look at different brake pads too. The stock pads can only be described as “speed modulators” after riding disc brake equipped bikes on the same trails back to back. You really have to reel it back in speed-wise compared to a disc equipped rig.

In the future, Captain Bob will be tackling some of these upgrades and we’ll be back with our final review at a later date. Stay tuned!


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  1. Steve Says:

    I could write a book on how much fun this bike has been. The reviews are spot on. Very upgradeable, very affordable for what you get. If it was up to me, I would have his and hers Coconino’s, but I’m not there yet. 400 bucks for my first deuce-nizzle is just fine for the next couple of years.

  2. John Berg Says:

    GT – Have you noticed when riding the Stout, and pushing hard to get up a hill that the rear tire rubs? I am assuming that is what is happening from the sound I am hearing, but I wouldn’t think an aluminum frame would flex that much, even with me being about 220 or 230 lbs.

    John B.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    John Berg: No, I hadn’t noticed this. I mashed on our sample very hard too. Hmmm….that doesn’t seem right. Perhaps the wheel has poor tension? Might want to check it out.

  4. bergjm Says:

    I will check it out. Thanks.

    John B.

  5. bval Says:

    Debadged SE Stout 29er $449. coupon code holiday08 brings it to $404. +ship and taxes for some. Thanks for the reviews…I think I make a good choice.

  6. steve Says:

    Did you get an ’09? Can I have that head badge? They look great this year.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    steve: We have ’09 Stouts at the shop where I work. That head badge is pretty sweet. The “debadged” ones bval is talking about are really unfinished frames, or perhaps right off the same jigs as the Stouts. They never had a SE Badge in the first place, is my bet.

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