Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe 29"er On Test

Twenty Nine Inches has just received a brand spanking new Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe 29″er for test/review. The HiFi is a 4 inch travel bike that features the new Fox F-29 RLC with the new G2 offset. The bike also features SRAM x-9 components and Avid Juicy hydraulic disc brakes.

We will be detailing out the spec more fully and showing you some images of the bike in our upcoming “Out Of The Box” post coming up in a couple days. In the meantime, if you have any questions or things you would like to see us check out on the HiFi Deluxe 29″er just let us know in the comments section and we’ll see what we can do.

By the way………………..Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Hynas Says:

    Great!!!!! With pleasure I will await everything you will write about this bike. I think, it will be something great. HiFi is my favourite as a substitut of my older sugar 26´´. Can´t oversleep!!! :o)))

  2. Steve Says:

    The local manager for the TREK shop here came up to me on a local fire road and said the HiFi series were not being ordered locally (4 stores) due to excessive flex in the rear triangle. Check to see what this is like. Believe me, I don’t want to be negative but I thought it odd that he would mention something like this to me rather than just let it go. I have since bought a Ventana El Rey. Boy, am I happy.

  3. Oderus Says:

    We have the HiFi Deluxe 29er as part of our demo fleet. It is a huge improvement over last year’s Caliber 29er. The G2 fork definitely helps sharpen up the steering, but not as much as I personally prefer. The guys in the shop agree that the rear end is flexy. I weigh 280 lbs and when I got up and sprinted in the parking lot I could feel the bike swaying beneath me. On the trail, I didn’t notice it as much but I did notice it. I think someone sub 200lbs would be fine on it. On another note, I built a Superfly up a few days ago………..SWEET. 24lbs even for a large! It is one sweet ride. Easy to flick around. And for the price…….tough to beat.

  4. Nordic Nut Says:

    Flexy rear end? Funny, when I rode one, my first thought about the rear end was how solid the rear end felt and how well the bike accelerate. Then again I only weigh 165.

  5. Hynas Says:

    Much thanks for your reports!!! So I enjoy for the testting of HiFi much more!!! :o) My weight is only 170 lbs, so I think that flexy rear angle will not be so big problem how wrote Steve. Against you I have only one problem….I live in central europe, and only big bikes are available from Gary Fisher (getting another 29 bikes from other producers is not so simple as many people can think). 29 bikes aren´t so popular in ours trails, so I want to go round on the first wave like the propagator of this. I ever rode full suspension bike, ani HiFi is my favourite due system of suspension, and fisher produce of course.
    I enjoy for the testing models which offer our local exporter to try it hard in terrain, but to this time I don´t spurn with any great report…. :o)
    Guitar Ted! Go go go!!!
    Have a Gary day!

  6. Davidcopperfield Says:

    Hi Hynas Ahoj
    I am another fierce propagator of 29ers and I spread hatred and destruction amongst kiddy wheel riders. Look no further than your nothern slavic brethren Poland our has a new line of 29ers, yes you heard corectly. SS is already out HT is in beta prototype stage and FS is being designed and longer travel not sure when yet, they need some cheering and clients. I shall open a slavic website about 29ers only, stay tuned.

    ps. mluvim po cesku napis prosim tebe do mne maila na pohovorime neco.

  7. Race29 Says:

    Oderus – I am really interested in the Superfly and can’t find anyone to talk to about it except Nat Ross. He loves it, but he gets paid to love it. My fear is that the steering won’t be sharp enough. I plan to race cross country on the bike and do epic long days, so the bike needs to be pretty well-rounded (although I prefer a race feel much more than a lazy trail bike feel). What thoughts can you share?

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hynas, DavidCopperfield: Your enthusiasm reminds me of my early days of mountain biking, your plight in terms of 29″ers is reminiscent of what we had here in 2002 and 2003, back when I got involved with big wheeling.

    Europe is slowly turning on to the big wheeled revolution. Soon your plights will turn for the better.

    As for flex, I rather dislike those “bend the BB sideways” and “push the wheel sideways”, parking lot tests that really don’t tell you anything substantial. I would hold out for some real ride reports first before condemning the HiFi as a flexy rig. I will say that initially it rides quite nicely. This being the second HiFi I’ve ridden with 29″er wheels.

    We’ll be testing the HiFi out very soon on some worthy trails, so I hope to have something substatial to write about the lateral stiffness of this platform.

    Race29: The Superfly should steer in and out of corners just like anyother Fisher G2 hardtail. I wouldn’t be afraid to test ride any one of them and feel comfortable saying the Superfly would be the same.

    I have a good feeling it’s a bike that would do the things you are looking for and do them quite well.

  9. Oderus Says:

    Race29, I find the Superfly to be more appropriate for all day riding. It is spec’d to tear up a race course, but I find the geometery to relaxed for racing. That is 100% opinion. I like the way the bike handles, it is smooth and predictable. I own a Niner which has a much steeper head angle that I find to steer and handle a lot quicker. I prefer the quick and flick nature of the Niner, but at the same time, I tend to ride for 2 to 3 hours. If I was going to do a marathon event (12 or 24 race for example) I would honestly pick the Superfly. It is well layed out and above all, comfortable. The frame soaks up a lot of vibration. If you are in the market for a new bike, I would strongly recommend the Superfly.

    GTed: I agree with your take on “parking lot flex test”. I do wish to clarify that my statement on the HiFi was in regards to riding it both on and off road. I am a heavy rider 280lbs so I find that I can flex quite a few frames (the Superfly included). I would tell anyone looking at one to ride the bike for themselves, that is the only way to know how good a bike is.

  10. Race29 Says:

    Guys – Thanks for the opinions on the Superfly. That was what I needed to push me over the edge. One last question for Oderus – What do you think about the Fox fork? With the head angle on the Superfly being what it is, that fork is about the only option since anything else will likely result in really slow steering.

  11. Oderus Says:

    I think the fork makes a big improvement in sharpening up the steering over last year’s Fisher bikes. The fork itself is standard Fox quality. Reasonable weight, plenty stiff, good and plush. The fork offset definitly helps compensate for the head angle. Oddly enough, the Trek 69er (geared) runs the same fork offset with a 71deg. head angle. Trek obviously doesn’t pitch it as G2 offset or anything, they are simply quiet about it. I am anxious to ride one to see what the steep head angle with the offset does.

  12. BunE Says:

    Question: If I can get my hands on a G2 Reba or Fox, how will that affect my Super Caliber?

  13. Guitar Ted Says:

    BunE: The 51mm offset will result in a huge decrease in trail over what you have currently with your Rebas 38mm offset. This would make for a radically “quicker” handling bike, in my opinion. Keep in mind that G2 is more than just a change in fork offset, it is also a change in head angle and a bit shorter top tube. All of these tweaks result in what G2 handles like. Just putting a longer offset fork on your Super Caliber will only get you 2/3rds of what G2 does.

    I think the resulting quicker front end that you would get with your suggested set up would be a handfull in fast technical terrain. Just a hunch I gathered from running an On One Inbred with a 72 degree head angle and 47mm of offset.

  14. Acusurf Says:

    I have never been a 29″ owner and have ridden two briefly. I own an 1995 Supercaliber OCLV Gary Fisher and a Sugar 1 which need no introduction. I am ready to spring for a 29″ hardtail to ride mostly quasi-technical dirt terrain, approached by tarmac so thinking this is a perfect application. I like a quick handling bike, being a part-time road cyclist too, without too much wheelbase and short chainstays. I would like to buy a Superfly or Specialized Stumpjumper (SJ) Comp HT and seeing that I have difficulty demoing either I may need to get one based on heresay or other means of understanding/predicting outcome. The SJ has approx. 3 cm shorter wheelbase for Medium bike and steeper head and seat angles. It doesn’t have G2 offset, nor G2 geometry. I am not certain if I am a 17 ” or 18″ in Specialized but either still holds shorter wheelbase. Anyone have any insight on these variables? Both brands are similar chainstay length. Looking not to ride a slow steering bike. Acusurf

  15. Acusurf Says:

    Whatever you do, don’t buy a bike on heresay. Be patient and get your local dealer(s) to get them in for you. Both are hot and dealers should be willing to order them up if they haven’t already. You really need to ride both to make your comparison. We can give opinions all day long, but it’s your money and rear end that will be riding the thing. Be patient, by spring, both bikes should be around for you to test ride and make the right decision.

  16. Guitar Ted Says:

    Well, Captain Bob has had a Specialized Rockhopper 29″er already and has ridden the HiFi also. The G2 geometry steers with less effort and is a quicker handling bike, according to his assessment of both bikes. Any of the hard tail models will exhibit this trait as well. I have personally ridden the Paragon twice now and it is an excellent handling bike for a 29″er.

    In my opinion, I think G2 geometry is going to radically change the way 29″ers are designed in the future. It just makes sense once you ride one. And to that point, I would agree that you should definitely try and get a test ride on both bikes to see what I mean.

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