1952 Schwinn 29"er

The pics tell most of the story. Just waiting for a suitable post before it sees the dirt. It`s a coffee bike for the time being.


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  1. AC Says:

    Hey Jeff,

    What are you running for a rear brake?
    What size tire and how much tire clearance do you have in the rear?

    I have GT Dyno that would make a good project if I could figure out how to do the rear brake. I guess I could lace up a coaster hub.

    My GT Dyno is my last 26er and it would too cool to have it converted to a 29er with some Big Apples. Hmmm… the wheels are turning now….

  2. Ron Kresack Says:

    nice job on the restoration. Mind if I post the pic to my singlespeed blog?

  3. AC Says:

    I checked my GT and no-go! The chain stay is too short. I thought for sure it would have a longer chain stay.. To bad. I like the idea of a real 29er beach cruiser.

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