Cannondale Rumor: Scalpel 29"er Confirmed

I have recently been told that the rumors I have heard of a 29 inch wheeled version of a Scalpel platform mountain bike are actually true. This coming from within Cannondale itself from an inside source. The problem is, it may be a while before one of these materializes on a Cannondale dealers showroom floor.

That is because Cannondale has lost it’s mountain bike product manager and is currently looking for a replacement. The change will likely delay developement on the project. This and the news that Cannondale is also in the midst of revamping two other mountain bike platforms which may take precedence over the 29″er Scalpel.

Any more news will be posted as we hear of it.


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  1. Travis Says:

    Yip I heard the same thing, this would be Awsome because the 26 versions of the scalpels have 4 inchs if travel, and the one I had a chence to demo was really nice feeling, and weighed in at 21.5 lbs. Could there be a 24 lbs FS 29 er in our future? Talked to the Cdale rep here in AZ and he confirms what you said, probably 09 before we lay our hands on one. Oh yeah he did mention the proto is carbon.

  2. AC Says:

    I love 29ers, they should hire me.. 😉

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Crackenfail…… *bites tongue*

  4. AC Says:

    Funny, I’m not a Cannondale fan either so I was not familiar with term Crackenfail. I googled it and it made me laugh..

  5. MMcG Says:

    Hey Dirt – that’s way old.

    Cannondale is kicking major ass these days on both the road and mtb side of things in my opinion.

  6. Dirt McGirt Says:

    opinions are like buttholes. Everyone has at least one…….

    And I’m sorry, but not much has changed in the arenas that I’m concerned with as far as Crakenfails are concerned.

    They haven’t changed a damn thing in the fabrication arena. Which (in my humble expert OPINION) is the most important part. It doesn’t matter what the new lefty has going on, it’s still a lefty. It doesn’t matter how light the 08 scalpels are, they’re still scalpels and subject to breakage just like any other f’n crackenfail.

    Don’t bother trying to sway me on this. I’ve been in the industry tooooooo long to buy into that bs.

    I’m not going to post anymore on this thread because you c-dale freaks always get you lil’ ol’ feelings bruised and get all uppity about it.

    Plus, unless Crackenfail changes their ENTIRE manufacturing process altogether and does so right friggin now, my opinion won’t ever change about their sub-par product.

    Thank you and God speed, my brothers….

  7. Dave Says:

    Hmm, maybe they should hire you to save the company. Or have you no answers….just complaints.

    How would you change the manufacturing process. C’mon Girth belly-up and ‘splain exactly why things are so bad. While you’re there tell us how you would fix it.

    Feelings not hurt. Just have a more than general dislike of whining.

  8. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Hmmmm.. girth, huh? Feelings not hurt? Bull.

    How about maybe getting better jigs to align the frame tubes BEFORE welding them. How about NOT grinding the welds down thus eliminating heating an already weakened area one more time than it needs to be. (don’t beLIEve the hype, doing that does NOT strengthen a damn thing)

    And lastly:


    Friggin Headshock bs…..

    And as far as road bikes go. Try utilizing carbon in places where it will actually do a good job…

    Middle of the top tube… WTF?

  9. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Suck on that chumps!!

    I’m owt…..

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dirt: Nice…………a typical tirade against Cannondale. Everytime we post something on Cannondale you bashers come out of the woodwork. I’m not sure what it is that causes that,or why, but I have to agree with MMcG……it’s old, old, old! We get that some of you out there do not like Cannondale. A simple “I don’t like C’Dale” would be enough. We all know the rest of the song and dance by heart.

    I just inspected two System Six frames. Straight as an arrow, and very well made. Proprietary parts? Get over it. Name a company that hasn’t got a full suspension design with at least a few proprietary parts. Most have a lot of em. Whatever!

    So, this new Scalpel 29″er……..anyone have any considered and thoughtful comments about that? 😉

  11. George Krpan Says:

    I just checked the Cannondale site to confirm the rear wheel travel on a Scalpel.
    100mm without a pivot.
    I would have to say that a Cannondale Scalpel 29er is compelling.

  12. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I consider it not one of my favorites… how’s that? Better? 😉

  13. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Besides, GT, what would this site be if I didn’t rile the Cdale freaks EVERY time you post something.

  14. Dave Says:

    Didn’t you ‘owt’ yourself?

  15. Sean350 Says:

    Cannondale doesn’t grind their welds:
    I’ve never gone on the Factory tour, but have worked with plenty of people who have. They don’t grind their welds.

    From a dirt rag article:
    And now a word about Cannondale’s hallmark smooth weld bead. It’s a common misconception that said weld bead requires sanding to achieve its smooth finish. In fact, the weld bead is smooth, right out of the weld booth. The smooth finish is created by a two-pass, puddle welding technique that Cannondale employs. Cannondale points out that their welding technique produces better penetration than welds that exhibit the typical “stack of dimes” appearance. Better penetration results in a stronger joint. Furthermore, the high and low spots on stack of dimes weld beads may act as stress risers—a potential compromise of weld durability.

    I don’t know what it is about some people and Cannondale. I first worked in a bike shop about 15 years ago and heard it then, and last worked in a shop about 3 years ago and heard it then, too.
    In a total of about 8 year working in shops (5 years of working in Cannondale shops), I saw no more broken frames or parts than any other major brand (Trek, Giant, Specialized, etc.).
    Cannondale makes nice stuff.
    Leave ’em alone if you don’t have anything nice to say (or at least checks your facts before posting)
    My $.02

  16. J-dog Says:

    In the early 90’s I saw a lot of c-cales breaking because the tubing was just too thin. It seems as the alloys that are availble now are just stronger. The frames are as light as ever yet we see very few frame issues. My guess is that with the aid of computer design things are done right. I have never seen a weld fail. I have seen tubes crack. These guys do things a bit different and that scares some folks. To bring it back to the topic at hand.. I have spent the last 14 months on a C-dale 29er which i love. Last night I rode a 29e racer x from Titus for about 2 hours. I missed the Lefty in a big way and I thought that the was not all that far apart from the c-dale hard tail. I was no faster..

    If c-dale builds a new 29er dualie you might expect to see it in a rush platform before a Scalpel. I know that they were pretty close to a rush 29er before the design guys quit. I think that they have hired at least one new product manger for mt bikes.

    btw.. stop you uninformed hate. All bikes break. ALL of them.

  17. David Pals Says:

    Funny stuff. I or someone in my family has ridden Cannondales since the mid 80’s. My first Mountain C-dale wasn’t until ’88. I’ve never had a problem w/ any of the issues mentioned. Granted some of my stuff is old and outdated but I think that speaks to the longevity of the product. Heck, My seat tube never even creaked in the 2.0 frame. My dealings with the company as a consumer, doing a frame exchange, and working in a shop were better than any of the other big brands.

  18. Bidwell Says:

    Not to sound like a Frosted shreaded mini-wheat ad, but the kid in me would love the travel and the “roll-over anything” attributes, while the adult in me would love the weight-weenie attitude and efficiency this Scalpel could provide. The predictions were correct !! Sawheat !!

  19. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hey folks: Let’s keep the comments civil. I just had to delete a hateful comment. That’s not going to be tolerated on my watch.

  20. Desert9r Says:

    Finally competition for the Dos Niner! the XXIX is gettin’ sold.

  21. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Sorry, GT. I know I didn’t leave that hateful comment, but my comments about cannondales always strike a hurtful chord with these people.

    Look, it’s just a “bike”

    It’s just a “bike company”

    I don’t agree with anything they do…

    Let’s just leave it at that.

    I don’t know y’all

    You don’t know me

    Let’s not get nasty.

    It’s just a Cannondale for crying out loud!

  22. SteveV Says:

    So, what I’ve learned from this thread is:
    Dirt McGirt strongly dislike Cannondale,
    Others don’t feel Cannondale is all that it could be,
    A few others like Cannondales cause theirs won’t die,
    My boss just walked in with an old Cannondale road bike he’s turned in to a Tri bike,all black, nice.
    And finally Cannondale is going to continue to make bikes whether anyone here likes it or not.
    So what were we talking about?…. oh yea, Scalpel 29er coming out. KEWL another 29er.
    Peace out.

  23. Frank Says:

    For all that is holy Ted could you shut Dirt up? Anytime I read your page he is making stupid comments and getting people riled up then acting like he didn’t mean to do it. and no dirt I am not a c’dale rider I just wish you would shut up long enough to let people actually talk about the subject at hand.
    I like the looks of the new Scalpel and think the 29er format needs some more innovation in the FS side of it. At this point any idea is welcome in my mind. My problem is the weight, if c’dale can get it below the others I think that would be great.

  24. Desert9r Says:

    Just wondering- didn’t the Scalpel used to have a verticlly mounted shock? or which bike was that?

  25. Matty Says:

    I was just aboot to comment on that one, when did they redesign it for 100mm and more importantly is it still a pivotless suspension, 100mm on flexing carbon is an awful lot to me. but then again i ride a single speed, im not really sure how to shift yet, the training wheels came off only 15 years ago, im no Cadel Evans, worlds greatest cyclist, but workin on it.

    It kinda stinks because i loved the old scapels because of (vain moment) how unique they looked, they reminded me of my first real mountain bike. 1998 GT LTS limited!

  26. professed Says:

    And back to the Scalpel…

    The Original desing had wonderful small bump plushness and traction but did lack lateral stiffness and was very flexy around the rear drop out to the point where it would twist around the end of the chainstay on heavy braking.
    Having ridden a carbon proto of the 26″ version of the NEW Scalpel I can say that that small bump ‘softness’ – in the nicest meaning of the word – is still there. It is super sensitive and plush but with the extra travel even more comfortable.
    Comparing it to a Rush, it seems to pedal a bit softer too – ie: bit bobby, but that might be shock set up.
    It is laterally a LOT stiffer than incarnation 1 – which did have the vertical shock. But not sure if as stiff as a current generation rush with the stiffened swing arm bridge.

    This would make a superb platform for a light and plush 29er – only enhancing all the attributes of a big wheel. More travel than you would ever need for most things and light.

    now – hope thay have got the pivot points as reliable as their mono pivots as the rear assemblies of the old scalpels needed replacing – bushings and all the stays within 3 years of ownership – and that was with a 50kg female pilot on board. Not good.

  27. McGirt for President Says:

    I fully support McGirt in his hateful tirade against the Cannon. I can honestly say that I have owned 4 of there bikes (2 M700, 1 M800 and 1 F1000). I used to work for a Cannondale dealer and I will say that there customer support stinks. I ultimatly sold my last bike because I couldn’t get a derailleur hanger. WTF is that. I was told that they would be available in 4 months at that time. Unacceptable. Quality control is a joke, Lefty is rapidly on it’s way to becoming the most recalled fork. Cannondale just issued another voluntary recall of that thing.
    Needless to say, I could care less if they come out with a 29er cause they’ll only recall it as soon as the first run is sold.

  28. Guitar Ted Says:

    McGirt for Pesident: Hey, you are wasting energy hating on a bicycle company that could be better used for riding, don’tcha think?

    FYI: All of your complaints could be applied to any bicycle brand. I have worked in the industry for 8.5 years, and that going back to 1993. I’ve seen it. So you had a bad experience, we get it.

    I currently work for a Cannondale dealer and your quality control statements couldn’t be more wrong. As for the recall, it affected only a small portion of Leftys in the field and it was for a “possible” bad application of Loctite. Hardly an indictment of the design. If you are going to bag on a company, tell the whole story, okay?

  29. Vic Says:

    Doesn’t Fox build Leftys for C’Dale?

    The only thing less rational than loving any brand is hating one. Manufacturers make stuff to compete for your dollars, sometimes they make mistakes and sometimes they hit home runs. They are all using similar techniques, materials and expertise and in order to be competitive they have to try to match warranties and support. So, if you only buy brand X or never buy brand Y, you are a sucker. The scalpel might be extrordinary, but people won’t ride it because of the sticker on the downtube, it may also suck and other people will buy it because of the sticker on the down tube.

    Grow a brain and look at every product within your price range, and let the best ride win.

    BTW, has anybody seen or ridden an FSR 29er or a HiFi 29er? I don’t live near any shops that keep that sort of thing on the floor, so I need input as I contemplate adding a hook for a double squishy in my garage. I doubt the Scalpel will be on my list because I probably won’t wait long enough for it to hit the market. I have ridden a Leviathan and a SuperCal, they were both nice but did not inspire me to reach for my wallet.

  30. Rider Dude Says:

    Alot of Ad-Hoc arguments being made on this site which I guess is to be expected from a place that allows comments from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Heres a news flash for anyone who rides alot. “stuff breaks down as you ride it” I had a Titus racer-x for three years, and it used to eat pivot bearings, I cracked the chain stay twice also. I also cracked the crown on a Fox fork, that same fork had some serious leaking issues. If you ride any amount of time off road you know shiznit breaks, thats just how it is. Ive Cracked a two racer x’s, trek 9.8, and two konas, and strait up snapped one Kona in half. There Ive added my own unverifiable rant for this blog.
    The reality is most people on here probably ride more than 5,6 hours plus, off road Stuff is going to wear down; then factor where you live what kind of water conditions we abuse bikes through. The Variables are infinite.
    My point. “Technology Cascades” even if you dont like cdale they are obviously commited to the 29 movment, I for one dont want to discourage new development, which may make my ride of choice better.
    So the arguments that “I was riding my cdale and it broke” No kidding I can say that about the whole gang of bikes Ive owned, mostly because Im tall and 205 lbs. As far as customer support goes Ive had good and bad from Titus, GF, and Trek. Customer service wise Kona was allways good to me. Kevin over there is a Stallion.
    The arguments against Cdale are old and not intresting, get over it.

    I just talk twentyniner. Doesnt matter whos making it.

  31. AC Says:

    RE: GT: “…”possible” bad application of Loctite”
    Is it normal to use Loctite on production stuff?

    RE: Vic: I’ve done about 15 minutes worth of parking lot rides on both and my personal opinion is the FRS 29er is hands down a better feeling bike ( for me, that is ).

    The HIFI 29er was too soft and squishy feeling and the cockpit felt all off for me. Some may call that squishy feeling plush, but it’s not for me. It felt like big hit bike I use to have. I guess I could have aired up the suspension to stiffen the ride and the cockpit could be tweaked with different bars and stem and it would have felt better..

    The FSR off the show room floor felt really nice and stiff. I would want to flip the stem or replace it with a zero rise as it felt just a bit too tall up front. Granted I didn’t do any climbing on the FSR, but it felt like it a good climber.

    One other thing. The FSR comes with 2.1 tires and I’m not sure there is room for anything bigger in the rear. The tire is pretty close to the chain stay with the 2.1.

  32. Guitar Ted Says:

    Rider Dude: werd!

    AC: On Loctite- Yes, if you do not want the part to work loose due to vibrations, stress, etc, you use Loctite thread lock or another similar product. It’s a very common practice and I could cite a lot of bicycle related examples. Your own bike probably has a thread locking compound on a fastener somewhere.

    Vic: Fox and Manitou have provided internal cartridges for C’dale leftys, but they do not manufacture the fork itself. On the Fisher HiFi: I have ridden it, set up for me by a trek mechanic for my weight, at the Outdoor Demo at Interbike. The suspension was definitely not “plush like a big hit bike”, but erred to the stiff side, if anything. I thought it was a lot of fun to ride with great handling. I’d suggest a test ride of one.

  33. McGirt for President Says:

    GTed: If you call 3 models of Lefties across a dozen bikes a small number………um, ok. I don’t waist my energy ranting, I do ride, 20+ years on a bike. I’ve been a mechanic for over 15 years, I’ve been around. I’ve sold bikes from the small companies on up to the big guys. My statement is based not just on personal experience but also on the experience of my customers. It’s funny that the city I live in now has not a single Cannondale dealer. They got dropped by the 1 dealer they had this past summer. Guess what…………none of the other shops, least of all mine, are jumping at the chance to carry their product. And as far as telling the whole story………a recall is a recall. If they can’t master the fine art of applying Loc-tite, then something should be fixed. Recalling high end bikes for a 5 cents worth of Loctite is a retarded thing to miss. Oh, to give you more of the whole story………………..
    M700, recalled Pepperoni Fork
    M700 #2 Recalled pepperoni fork
    M800 no problems
    F1000, recalled headshok, recalled crankset
    I’m not the only one……..but that is why they will never get another dime from me or anyone that I know. That is also why I don’t care what they put out. I don’t find that they excel or push industry technologies the way they did in the late 80’s and early 90’s. That is what I miss about that company.

  34. Rider Dude Says:

    RE:McGirt for President, And the haterism continues, and still no one care’s but you.

  35. McGirt for President Says:

    LOL, you cared enough to reply!

  36. Guitar Ted Says:

    McGirt for President: Bzzzt! Wrong! two models of Lefys. I have the rcall notice in my hand right now.

    But whatever…….We get that you don’t like C’dale. You are spending way too much time trying to discredit a company that has had no more or no less problems than any other bike company.

    Your constant efforts are bringing more people to se this, and more people will check out Cannondale because of it.

    So, enough already. As I said, Cannondale seems to bring you guys out of the woodwork, and I think it’s rather interesting. You’d think you would just wait it out for the thread to get buried in the archives. Hmm………

  37. Desert9r Says:

    oh, and one can only Hope that Cannondale makes a Non-Lefty model, there is something Wrong/not right (pun intended) about that fork, that I have never been comfortable with.

  38. Frank Says:

    Is “Dirt McGirt” the alter ego of “McGirt for President” or is it the other way around? does anyone care? If Dirt complains in the forest about C’dale and his many years of experience does it make a sound? Does dirt sell hateraid from his shop or is it free? I think I may go buy a C’dale after talking about it this much.

  39. Bambura Says:

    To: Dirt

    Having spent only about 5 minutes on this site, and seeing the number of negative posts you’ve made, I can clearly see you have NOTHING better to do with yourself! Do all of us a favor, stop typing, get a life. Thanks.

  40. Art Says:

    Eh, whatever. Name any company, and we can rant all day about stuff they do that sucks. Cannondale rolls out a full suspension 29er, and people are going to buy it. If that forces other manufacturers to step up their suspension designs to fight for market share we all win.

  41. Dirt McGirt Says:

    DMG 4 prez: I care!!!!!

    Rider dude: I’m a service manager, I know stuff breaks. Stuff just seems to break on Cannondales a LOT faster.

    Fred: Or frank, sorry. What would this world be if people didn’t express discontent with the everyday goings-on? I tell you what it would be. COMMUNIST RUSSIA. AndI’m sorry, I don’t want to wait 4 days in line for bread, homeslice.

    O W T

  42. Dirt McGirt Says:

    GT: “I currently work for a Cannondale dealer and your quality control statements couldn’t be more wrong. As for the recall, it affected only a small portion of Leftys in the field and it was for a “possibleâ€? bad application of Loctite. Hardly an indictment of the design. If you are going to bag on a company, tell the whole story, okay?”

    How did the Kool-Aid taste?
    I heard it was bitter, but after a few seconds you start to not care and then start cutting the right fork legs off all your bikes…

  43. SteveK Says:

    OK, a couple of comments to get the thread back on track.

    First, in talking with a C’dale rep over the weekend he indicated it would be a Rush 29er coming out, not a Scalpel. Something about the carbon chainstays being difficult to engineer in the longer lengths required for 29 wheels. Maybe he was not telling everything but I have been asking about a 29 Scalpel myself.

    The comment about not grinding welds at the factory is not true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes this summer. Check out this picture from our visit
    or the whole gallery

  44. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dirt: Pffffffffttttt! You are goofy. 😉

  45. AC Says:

    Hey SteveK,

    Thanks for the pics. I was really leery about the double pass comment, but wasn’t going to challenge it. I’m a hobbyist weldor and don’t pretend to know much, but I’ve taken several welding classes and I’ve never heard of two-pass puddle welding technique to get a smooth finish. The only way I know to get smooth’ish beads is by brazing and since the frames is question are aluminum, that options out. Of course, grinding is the other option.

  46. vic Says:

    GT and AC, thanks for the info, it sounds like your rides on the fisher differed because of suspension tuning. It is really difficult to get a test ride on high end bikes where I live, so I am dependent on advice from others. Any ride info is much appreciated. I think a bike review section on the site would be helpful, all hater and fan boy reviews could be deleted by the admins (we will be forced to trust your judgment) Weeding through the nonsense on MTBR takes too much time.

    Speaking of locktite problems, the the first year fisher cakes had serious locktite issues, they also had other rear triangle problems, that resulted in a recall. The hifi 26 had serious rear triangle problems as larger frame sizes suffered from the entire triangle flipping and lodging the rear wheel against the seat, also resulting in a recall. Guys in my club have gone through a Rig and a Paragon frame in the last year.

    I think Dirt should hate Fisher too.

    BTW. the factory took care of all the issues listed. My wife rides a supercal which has worked great for her for over year and has survived many of her daredevil crashes. I have a fully rigid ss conversion on a paragon frame and it rides 90% as well as my Mamasita. If I used Dirts method of manufacturer elimination, I would be missing out.

  47. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I’ve never had any problems with any of the 6 Fishers I’ve owned. I guess I just know how to ride I guess….

    I’ve been on them bichiz since 1995, son. Word Em up!

  48. Dirt McGirt Says:

    And all of my problems with the Cannondale “product” come from both riding them and selling them at a top 10 C Dale dealer in Southern New england. Coincidentally, said dealer doesn’t deal Cannondale anymore due to their piss-poor customer and dealer relations.


  49. Frank Says:

    I figured it out, dirt is actually Gary Fisher himself flying under the radar “Dirting” other companies. Gary You are a sly devil. Now that I have your attention I can bring up the two frames of yours I broke, A Super Caliber and a Sugar. With my EXTENSIVE years in the industry these problems concern me. I guess I ride harder then and more often then your average complaining forum guy.

  50. Dirt McGirt Says:

    And how extensive? Keep in mind being “in the industry: doesn’t mean an enthusiast, either.

    I’ve been doing the bike shop thing since before I was legally allowed to work. I know my stuff, and I know I don’t like CAnnondales. I also have seen a few customers that went from a fisher that just plain old got outdated to Cdales and then came SCREAMING back in record time after their cannondale wunderbikes, as you people seem to see them as, bit the big one.

    And I didn’t even get into the story about a buddy of mine almost losing an eye in Kennedy park in Lenox Mass when his sh*tty lefty blew up on him on a very tame xc ride.

    To this day, I’m not aware of any Fishers trying to blow people’s eyes out of their heads… I might be out of the loop though, so please fill me in if this has happened

    Good day to you, sir.

  51. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hey Dirt: As I said, we get it. Chill out on the language. I am going to have to shut down the comments if it continues.

    I don’t mind considered responses and passion, but this is starting to cross the line.

  52. Frank Says:

    HA, HA you said “you peopleâ€?, Gary you crack me up. I will ride your bikes regardless of what you say about the competition. I will ride your bike with an eye patch if that’s what it takes to keep you posting irrational rants online. Gary….I mean “Dirtâ€? for president. It is clear he has the years of experience to lead us into a 29er utopia where Cannondales will be milted down and reformed into bikes fitting his years of experience (some of which earned illegally while working in the seedy underworld of bike shop child labor deans) and knowledge. Can you hear them calling you? DIRT! DIRT! DIRT!

  53. Rider Dude Says:

    Seedy bike shops, hiring children for wage slaves, making them work for Stale Boloney sandwich’s. Requiring they service explosive, and lethal lefty fork. I heard Cannondale only has kids working on building lefty’s so when they blow some digits off, or loose an Eye, they can’t file workmans comp. I love blogs. LOL

  54. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Oh, sociology really intrigues me. It’s weird how fast this all escalated.

    Remember. Insulting people online is like competing in the special olympics:

    No matter whether you win or lose, you’re still a retard.

  55. Dirt McGirt Says:

    And by the way. “Dirt McGirt” is a tribute to the one and only ODB.

    R.I.P. Russel

  56. Frank Says:

    And now you have brought the handicapped into it. For shame Gary……for shame.

  57. Dirt McGirt Says:

    K, bro. Not Gary. That wasn’t even funny to begin with. And for the record I grew up in a bike shop, not under slave conditions.

    You must have been great at track and field in highschool. You’re great at jumping to conclusions now!

    and it’s differently able, not handicapped. You’d have to be a retard not to know that….. 🙂

  58. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I HATE stereotyping people…. but you Cannondale people really are all the same… East Coast to the mighty mighty west.

    West side is the best side.

  59. Frank Says:

    Gary for someone who cant get all he has to say in one posting you make some great assumptions as well. Like I ride a Cannondale. With your stereotyping of people and “you people” comments I am concerned about the hateful language of your illogical postings. Some people like creamy peanut butter some people crunchy, what makes our sport great is we love everyone who just rides. So if you haven’t got the mssg yet can it with your Cannondale haterisum we ALL get it. We don’t need your absolutism on matters of personal preference.

  60. Dirt McGirt Says:


  61. Shawn Says:

    I have been reading all this back and forth smack and think it is incredibly funny. First, I am a mechanic at a Cannondale dealer. The only Cannondales I have seen broken seem to be the really old ones. If you can get 10 years out of an aluminum frame you are doing well. As for the welds, they are double pass and they are also ground down to acheive the smoothness. As for the Lefty recall, it was just a tech bulliten. It didnt take 10 minutes to perform the loctite fix to each of the so called recalled leftys. But on to better things. I have been riding a 29er for over a year. I think Cannondales are great and have owned 2 myself. As for a Scalpel 29er, I will have my order in before they become available.

  62. Vic Says:


    There is absolutely nothing funny about child sweat shops and the developmentally challenged. Has it occurred to any of you that Old Dirty Gary hates C’Dales because his tiny little sweatshop fingers were used to grind those welds?

    ODG needs love not ridicule, he can’t grasp that his anecdotal stories of frame failure have no credibility. The difference between, “My brother broke a new SID” and. “7% of all SIDS have a warranty claim in the first year.”* is totally lost on ODG.

    I think it is time we banded together to save ODG from a future without deductive reasoning. The ODG fund can eventually branch out to save mindless haters and fanboys from themselves, while protecting the rest of us. Be assured ODG, your name will be immortalized.

    *I made this stat up, I have no idea what percentage of SIDS fail in the first year, much like ODG has no idea what percentage of Cannondales fail in any given period.

  63. Rider Dude Says:

    I think that peace loving Aliens told ODG to make Mountainbikes with 700c wheels, and when evil Anti-Alien, Capitolists “Cdale” tried jumping ODG’s Train; the Aliens got upset. And the Aliens endowed him with a superior command of socialogical intelect to convince everyone of the inferiority of Cdale, the evil capitolist’s. Lets all put on foil helmets now to protect against the Aliens Wrath. Shawn and Vic you can ride with me anytime as long as you wear foil helmets.

  64. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I think you all got your feelings hurt and don’t know how to channel your frustration and fear properly.

    But then again apparently my name is Gary and I’m retarded….



  65. Vic Says:

    Old Dirty Gary,

    You are absolutely correct, I am hurt.

    Not because I own a Cannondale (I don’t) but because, I always feel pain when anyone who suffers from the adult perils brought on by a childhood of bone crushing bicycle related labor and Alien abduction.

    The resulting ODG syndrome is tragic, in fact, as I was standing on my head, I got tears all over my foil helmet from the pain of hearing your terrible story. I was able to contain my sadness until you misspelled finger so badly.

    Please fellow bikers work with me to eradicate ODG syndrome, be informed and donate what you can. Alien abduction and bicycle shop child labor resulting in truncated reasoning skills can be stopped in our lifetime; with your help.

  66. Frank Says:

    Old Dirty Gary I will stand with you in fighting your ODG syndrome. Your courage and strength can help other haters overcome their “handiecapable” abilities to live full lives on bikes of all different makes and models. Maybe they will even learn to spell. Maybe we can all band together for a 29er charity ride to get ODG a few critical thinking classes at the local JC.

  67. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Wow, y’all have way too much time on your hands and, from the looks of it, a severe lack of companionship with a member of the opposite sex, or the same sex, I don’t know you guys like that.

    maybe you two could meet up for some “companionship” sometime.

    That’ll kill 2 birds with one stone…

    Have you noticed that the only people in here that keep trying to rile me are you two?
    Everyone else has moved on or simply know that I’m kidding 95% of the time because they’ve been in here long enough to know me like that.

    If you guys want to keep on berating people with these misguided and unfunny comments, there is a 29er forum on MTBR full of the mentally differently-abled that would probably crack the hell up reading this. If they can read, that is. Seems like there hasn’t been a whole lot of that happening around here before you hit the “submit” button.

    It’s called proofreading, look it up.

    Until next time, gents. TTFN

  68. Taylor57 Says:

    Well I’m not in the industry, I’m just a consumer. Back in 1987, I brought my first mtn bike, an Nishiki. I was 30. Few years later it was a Giant, then my first C’dale, a Cad3 and I still have it, it has been good to me, but it will be given to my son-in-law in Texas. This because a little over a year I got a used Scalpel frame on ebay, built and raced it for the first time in beginners 50- 54 class. I like to see “handmade in the usa” on the frame, don’t have to worry about lead paint. during the built I have emailed Heather at C’dale customer service times asking questions and sharing pictures. I have always received a quick response. All in all I buy another C’dale and if they come out with a 29″ Scalpel, I’m with Shawn “the order is in”.

    now in regards to Dirt…I think he had his dealership pulled by C’dale to have that much hate.
    I think it is pretty cool having a bike built in Bedford,Pa. I think we have more people on our block than in Bedford county…

  69. Dirt McGirt Says:

    They aren’t built in PA anymore, they really aren’t entirely built in CT where they moved the facility after they went BANKRUPT!

    They manufacture lots of things offshore (Taiwan) but won’t tell which parts they do make overseas (nice ethics, BTW)

    And WE dropped Cannondale, not the other way around. That’s kinda what happened nationwide after the buyout. I moved from a shop in Pittsfield, MA that droped them to a shop in Seattle, WA that dropped them as well.

    They suck, bye

  70. SteveK Says:

    “They aren’t built in PA anymore, they really aren’t entirely built in CT where they moved the facility after they went BANKRUPT!”

    You are kidding again right? Go back to my earlier post with pictures from the plant in Bedford, PA where they still build the bikes.

    But then I was responsible for the fake moon landing pictures as well 🙂

  71. Shawn Says:

    Most of what Cannondale produces is still built in the US. True some are built in Taiwan, but just the carbon stuff. From what I am told the Carbon bikes will be built here as well. The shop I work at never dropped Cannondale when they reorganized and I am sure glad we didnt. There bikes are now better than ever! Bottom line, it is great to see another manufacturer looking into making a full suspension 29er. We need more so we have a better selection. I think the Scalpel is a great bike and I cant wait to get my hands on a 29er Scalpel.

  72. Rider Dude Says:

    There Goes ODG again making more ad homenim statements. Did the Aliens tell you to drop Cdale from your shop? Did they also tell you that Cdale was secretly sneeking, taiwan built frame’s to their bedford facility; where they slap a made in USA sticker on it.
    For the record ODG, you my friend have statistically posted the most out of any one on this thread. If you ever want to move out of your parents basement and get some dates; you, not us my friend need to spend less time posting.
    Also for the record six people by my count dont agree with you, not just two, and seven if you count GT for slapping you around for language problems.

  73. Frank Says:

    Maybe with the extra proceeds of the charity ride to combat ODG syndrome we could also get him some basic math skills. hopefully the evil capitalist aliens at Cannondale didn’t damage him so severely that all this book learning is of no use.

  74. Dirt McGirt Says:

    :/ I’m really sorry for making you guys try so dang hard. I didn’t mean to give everybody headaches from trying to come up with all this bs.

    I’m gonna stop now. Once again, I’m sorry for making you guys try so hard. It was a valliant effort, though.

    You all get gold stars for trying.. Good day to you all

  75. Taylor57 Says:

    I remember reading MBaction that the Carbon Rush was built in Taiwan, oh well at least it is Taiwan and not China. I guess C’dale people are like Apple people, extremely loyal no matter what…shoot, I own a Mac, 2 ipods and 2 C’dale I’m doubly cursed! I should open a bike shop that sells C’dales in my area, but wait …I would have to move because there are already 2 dealers within 10 miles of my house, the San Diego REI and Black Mtn Bikes…

    back on subject please…being 6’2″ I very interested in the 29″ Scalpel any new info please post!

    lastly I have a bike shop by my work and they helped built my bike C’dale, but they are more a BMX shop selling Haro’s and Redlines. Well don’t own a 29″ and thought I buy the Haro MAry SS from them, the post here are screwed up regarding the Mary any comments?

  76. AC Says:

    RE: Taylor57

    People love the Mary, but don’t pass-up chekcing out the MC29er either. It’s a killer bike for the price.

    Mary reviews:

    MC29er reviews:

  77. Vic Says:

    I am feeling a bit guilty for hurting ODG’s feelings enough that he took his ball and went home.

    Sorry Gary, next time I will join you in protecting riders from the dreaded left eye patch. I have taken off my foil helmet because now it seems less funny and makes me feel bad. Please, accept my humble apology.

  78. professed Says:

    Emails from this thread keep popping up and its like a car crash – I cant help but read!

    Just for statistical purposes, I think that Vic, Frank, Rider Dude et al are hillarious !
    Old Dirty Gary – nice one – and makes me think that I should turn my mutton chops moustach into an ODG goatie, then go a Ride a C’dale – borrowed of course as I dont own one ( my wife does) – just to see if any unpleasant emotions are released !

    Its also hillarious that ODG seems to relate clever and funny written posts with sexual frustration….mmm, can think of some great authors who were renouned for their gratuitous excess in this area….

    Och What am i doing – lets talk 29er bikes !!

  79. Jimmy Jam Says:

    Where do you get off comparing those comments to the writings of “great authors”?

    I’m with Dirt on this one. The attacks are weak at best.

  80. Boomking Says:

    Where is the 29er scalpel??? I want one!

  81. Jdog Says:

    I don’t see a 29er dual sus from c-dale happening this season. Personally this poor decision has made me buy a non-cdale for the first time in years. I grabbed a Jet 9 and although it is a great bike, it is not the same. I really miss the lefty and the stiffer bottom end that c-dales are known for.

    We will see a very light carbon 29er for 2010. It should be sick light.

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