Fisher 29"er Jersey Available

All of the 2007 race season, Fisher has sponsored a grassroots 29″er team and they could be spotted wearing these flashy, retro inspired jerseys. It wasn’t long after their appearance that 29″er fans started clamouring for them, but Fisher stuck to its guns and kept them exclusive to the team……….until now, that is!

Now you can sport your love for 29″ers in long or short sleeves. These jerseys are available now from Fisher dealers or online.

Get ’em while they are hot!

No Responses to “Fisher 29"er Jersey Available”

  1. SteveV Says:

    That’s great, so why isn’t there a jersey? UhMMMM…. thoughts to think.

  2. Desert9r Says:

    What rediculess price have they tagged them with?

  3. AC Says:

    There used to be some merchandise (no jerseys), but it’s gone or I just cannot find the link on the new site. I emailed diggers…. asking where it was or what happened to the cafe express stuff but never received a response.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    SteveV/AC: Lots of discussion over having merch for sale with Twenty Nine Inch branding. We do have something in the works in regards to t-shirts, but we are not ready yet. Hold on, we’re working on it!

    Desert9r: Oh, they’re spendy all right, but any good limited edition jersey usually is. I work at a Trek dealer and the price is right in line with all the other team branded stuff they have ever sold.

  5. Vic Says:

    I vote for some jerseys from Twin Six. Fatty’s jerseys look great.

  6. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Good thing I work for one of the top 5 Trek dealers in the country!!! Yay for EP’s!!

  7. TJ Platt Says:

    You will totally be noticed with jersey on! We have them in stock!!!

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