The wired 29er. We're still considered cool.

Wired Magazine is a monthly print publication that covers all kinds of trends in technology. Slanted to the left and with a very elitist attitude, they focus in on how technology is changing our lives. Covering everything from Google space launches to new media to “green” technology, Wired is pretty top of the game when it comes to keeping track of the cutting edge. It’s one of the few magazines I subscribe to.

One of the sections that exists in every issue is the “Expired-Tired-Wired” where they give their take on what’s in, out and soooo last week. Here’s this month’s:

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Wired iPhone apps Venturi eclectic Meteorite sickness 29ers
Tired Facebook apps Toyota Prius Avian flu Fixies
Expired Desktop apps Chevy Volt Sars Recumbents

I had mixed feelings about the mention. First, I thought it was pretty cool that bikes, especially big wheeled ones, were in the “cool” section of such a mainstream publication. But from there it made me wonder if 29ers really are so “wired”. As they take a stronger hold on the market, are they still just for the cool cats that are into the cutting edge stuff? Should they be moved on to the “tired” section for something more new and exciting?

I know one thing’s for sure… Wired’s “expired” take on bikes was dead-on.


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  1. AC Says:

    Hmmm…. Since Fixies are tired I wonder if all the no helmet wearing hipsters will take on 29ers? Man, I hope not!

  2. Vecsus Says:

    Five years from now the 29er/Fixie positions will probably reverse. Trends and fads come and go. In the end it’s still a person on a bike and that’s the important part. Odds are most of the people reading that column don’t know the difference between the two bikes anyway.

  3. SteveV Says:

    I ride a 29er because I like the way it rolls and handles. I could give a rats @$$ about the trends of urbanites that have too much money to spend on the next cool thing. I think fixed geared belong to messengers and track riders. I’m all for spreading the the joy of 29ers, but not at the expensive of watering them down to the next department store bike. I just hope 29ers sink their teeth in deep into the market, so that they are looked at as serious part of the industry.

  4. BunE Says:

    Wired magazine is for suckers. Worrying about what they think is cool is sort of like thinking that Rolling Stone really understands modern music. I love the buzz that they are getting but really, this is about a bike. I am more impressed that Outside is recognizing them as top notch products. I guess I am afraid that someone will make the 29er a walmart bike, but they aren’t really making specialty bikes for the ‘mart.

    So, until there is excess capacity and enough really cheap parts to be able to sell them for sub $200.00, the nature of the 29er makes it difficult to make a safe bike that is marketable as an MTB. Slapping some weak 10 speed rims with low profile knobby tires does not a 29er make.

  5. Desert9r Says:


    check out the Interbike sections, Tony Hawk is putting out a “mart” 29er,

    SteveV is right, I ride 29″ because it fits me, NOT because its the “in” thing to ride/do.

  6. SteveV Says:

    WHATTHEFU…. I missed that. It just goes to show you, if it pays anyone will lend their name to a product. I thought it skate boards, I must have been missinformed by all the video games. Duh me…

  7. BunE Says:

    Ugh! Freaking Dynacraft!

    Anyone care to bet on how much it weighs?

    I just did a little research and it sounds like it is a big wheeled dual boinger Hybrid. Oh well, the dream is over, where can I find that 36er?

  8. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I don’t know, Fixies are pretty damn tired…. and I live in the surrogate fixie capital of the country, The Emerald City and they’re pretty much laughed at at this point….

    206 Represent


  9. Dirt McGirt Says:

    BunE- Outside (amongst others) really shouldn’t be writing about bikes. They should keep to the usual metrosexual rock climbing articles and whatnot.

  10. BunE Says:

    Hmmm, Metrosexual rock climbing… Is that possible? Metros are people too. they own bikes. With a name like Dirt…are you running from your Gucci/Prada past?

    Truth be told, Wired, Rolling Stone, Outside should ALL be writing about bikes. more coverage, more bikes.

    Perhaps we should really be talking about smartgrowth – planning and zoning, protection and expansion of greenspace, the city of 2020 etc. We should stop bitching about what the better platform is, whether or not Wal-Mart sells bikes and focus on the health, environmental and aesthetic (sp?) aspects of riding bikes. Transforming the ingrained car culture of the last 50 years is hard and fragmentation makes it harder. If Tony Hawk sells some bikes, great. Those riders will either let it sit for 10 years or sell it for $50 on Craig’s List and buy a Niner or a Raleigh or a Masi.


  11. Hawkeye Says:

    Wow! Wired!

    Always knew I was cool, now this proves it!


  12. Dirt McGirt Says:

    You’re right… I’m a gucci whore……

  13. SteveV Says:

    LOL… that’s funny… you said gucci.
    Wait, is that a new suspension company?

  14. Joe Says:

    That is awesome.

    Hey, does anyone know of a 29’r beach cruiser with maybe a 3-speed internal hub?

  15. art Says:

    I guess some nuance gets lost when you try to condense the world into colorful boxes. I would like to think that most people buying 29ers are doing so because it’s the most practical size for them. On the other hand, I see fixies being walked far more often than I see them being ridden simply because they are often not practical.

    As much as I hate to say it, 29ers at Walmart might be a good thing. Remember, they sell bikes by wheel size not frame size. All of their 26″ bikes are what a bike shop would consider a small. If taller adults were being pointed towards 29″, there would be far fewer people riding around with three foot seat posts and bar ends rotated back pointing at their faces.

    And McGirt: Outside has long since abandoned metrosexual rock climbing for metrosexual surfing. They get to show more man waxing that way.

  16. AC Says:

    Hey Joe,

    I recall seeing a post on MTBR the other day of a beach cruiser’ish 29er. I just looked through 6 pages and could not find the post.

    Maybe some here can find it.

    Not really a beach cruiser, but I bought an 07 GT Peace 9’r on close out ( $360 ) the other day, installed some Big Apples and Mary’s and that’s what I’m using for my Beach Cruiser. It’s a really nice ride and geared right for general cruising. ( 32×18 ) The Big Apples are a hoot..

  17. Desert9r Says:


    check out the Coker 36er.

  18. SteveV Says:

    Joe check this our.

  19. Desert9r Says:


    Also, Retritec, will make any of their frames into a 29er.

  20. BunE Says:

    All of you guys seem to know an awful lot about metrosexuals and Outside magazine…

    I want the 36er

  21. Desert9r Says:


    If I remember right, there are only 2 x00.00 in the price!

  22. BunE Says:

    I plan to do a lot of welding. I just took a class…

  23. rockhound Says:

    “I guess I am afraid that someone will make the 29er a walmart bike, but they aren’t really making specialty bikes for the ‘mart.”

    There already in the works. I can’t remember where I saw them though.

    This Wired article is lame and yes, a portion of the 29er thing is a fad. Those that buy them just to be cool will sell them on craigslist and ebay, which is great for buyers.

  24. WV kid Says:

    long live 29ers be they dead or alive

  25. BunE Says:

    Um, we covered that.

  26. Vic Says:

    I am not sure how cool we will stay with bikes that look like this:

    BTW has anybody gotten near or ridden one of these? I could live with the ugly if it rode well.

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