Rawland Update #2

Rawland Sogn showbike

I have recieved some updated information regarding Rawland Cycles. The Sogn, which is their geared model, will be going to a disc specific format. The decision was made after Interbike and the feedback recieved there. The benefits of going disc specific are that one could change between a 650B/ Neo Moto wheel set to a 700c road wheelset shod with 32-34mm tires with almost no change in handling since the outer diameters would be within about 1% of each other.

The pretty fork that comes with the Rawland framesets will also be made available aftermarket at a price of $200.00. The fork will be offered disc specific and only for 650B as of now. The fork might work out as a non-suspension corrected 29″er fork, but at this time, I do not have an axle to crown measurement to confirm this. Other applications for this fork are being looked into, as well including 29″er and 26″er formats.

Look for another update soon!


No Responses to “Rawland Update #2”

  1. rockhound Says:

    I’ve had disc-specific frames for seven years now just for that reason.

    Running 700c disc wheels with road tires makes a bike pretty versatile.

  2. Desert9r Says:

    A disc specific road bike, is counter intuative to me. Road=light weight, why run a heavy brake system?

    if you want to run 700s, buy a 700C bike, if you want a short TT, ride a mtb, or mtb converted to 650B.

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Look at the chainstays on that puppy! For days, I tell ya, FOR DAYS!

  4. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Not to mention the 400 yards of steerer stack height!

  5. Dent-n-Bented Says:

    Looks like a small bike for a tall rider.

    I thought this format is being marketed for folks not quite fitting on the bikes that use those absolutely friggin’ huge, hard to design around, heavy, inertia bound, and weak wheels that aren’t very versatile….. Or somethin….. You know?

    Looks like the intened rider for that red bike could use one of them 29-ers…..

  6. rockhound Says:


    I don’t think it’s a “disc-specific road bike”, it’s a mountain bike with drop bars…just look at the tires.

    Personally, I like Pacenti’s take on the 650b bike myself…pure mtb.

  7. Desert9r Says:

    I can fit the 29x45c IRD Fire XCs on my Kona jack, so I guess my jake is a 29er, right?

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dented-n-Bented: Actually, the rider is about 5’8″ and just happens to like the classic French touring style that this take on the frame and fork were designed around.

    While 650B is being touted as a great idea for the vertically challenged, it’s not the only idea that it works for. I mean, c’mon! If your take were to run it’s course, 26″ers would be banished to the realm of childrens bikes. 😉

  9. Cloxxki Says:

    In Holland, the school going youth (11-14y/o) are on 29″ Giant bikes. Yes, they exist! SS, Geared, etc.
    For adults, Giant doesn’t have a fitting solution yet 🙂

  10. Dent-n-Bented Says:

    Hey Cloxxki,

    Good to see you in the forums and in good spirits. It looked like things were quite a mess over in MŦßЯ-land. I’m amazed that you put up with it as long as you did.

    Keep up the commenting!

    It’s fun seeing what you have to say.

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