Sneak Peek: OS Bikes

Another treat for me at this years Interbike trade show was the chance I had to meet with WTB’s Mark Slate. Mark is the designer of all of WTB’s tires and is the guy responsible for “The Tire”, the 29″er version of the Nanoraptor, which started this whole 29″er scene rolling.

In talking with Mark, I discovered that he has a side project called OS Bikes. It’s a single speed rig called the “Blackbuck”. It comes in one size and in the fine tradition of Henry Ford, in any color as long as it’s black! The bike features unique rear stays that arc towards the rear axle in a big graceful curve. The geometry is a unique blend that Mark has grown fond of over the years.

If you want to score a Blackbuck, and the size is right for you, the bikes are supposed to be hitting these shores in late October and will be available in a limited run of complete rigs with a very small number of frame onlys also available. Contact OS Bikes through the link above for more information.

Thanks to Mark Slate for sharing this with me. We’ll post more info as it becomes available to us.


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  1. Desert9r Says:

    In a way its a unique bike, which I like, on the other hand I am reminded of a comment made about the Chevy Malibu, when it re-appeared, “did the designer of the front end ever meet the desidner of the rear end?”

  2. Desert9r Says:

    Part B-

    Seeing those seat stays I would think there would be a Retrotec/Country Road Bob-style top/down tube.

  3. Dirt McGirt Says:


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