Interbike '07: Floor Highlights: Part IV

Hey, another report from the floor of Interbike. The show is in it’s final hours, but the news isn’t! I’ve been hearing some stories and tidbits. Take a look……. Oh! No pictures this time, but I’ll have some stuff up later. Read on!

Shimano 29″er News: I’m hearing that the previously reported wheel set isn’t going to be a rehashed trekking wheel set but a grown up version of Shimano’s 26 inch XT wheel set with all of it’s features. Also, many of you may not be aware that Shimano owns a high end component company called PRO. It’s mainly been distributed in Europe and consists mostly of road based product. However; I’m hearing that a carbon fiber fork that they distribute as a 26″er XC fork is going to be introduced as a 29″er offering. PRO is making a push here in the States, so look for the road and mountain stuff to be getting into shops soon. The wheels and fork will be available by next summer.

Continental Tubeless Confirmed: Continental, who are introducing new 29″er tires here in a few months, will be also presenting the Mountain King and Mud Queen 29″er tires in a tubeless ready and tubed format simultaneously. Thanks to my friend Shiggy for tracking that down. The tires will all be offered in a 2.1″ and 2.4″ size range.

More Tire News: Once again, thanks to Shiggy I have learned that Serfas will be entering the 29″er tire market. They showed a tire here and are planning to introduce many more in the near future. I’m hearing that they expect a major part of their mtb tire business to be 29″er related. Also, CST, the parent company of Maxxis tires is also going to expand upon their lone 29″er offering, The Critter. (Love that name, by the way!) Anyhow, the tires that were pointed out to me as candidates for upsizing looked really good. The 2.4 in particular looked mighty tasty, and Shiggyagreed with that assesment. We’ll keep our ears open for any more rubbery goodness coming from CST!

Allrigty then! Stay tuned for more picture uploads soon!


No Responses to “Interbike '07: Floor Highlights: Part IV”

  1. Horses Says:

    Cyclingnews have some photos of the XT wheel from the dirt demo:

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Horses: Good find. The show dailies were reporting that it was a trekking wheel in disguise, but I’m hearing it will be a bit different than shown at the Outdoor Demo.

  3. Cloxxki Says:

    The PRO fork is just an Aima/White Bros/etc catalogue copy. Likely 38mm offset, 465mm.
    Outdated upon launch.

  4. White Bros Says:

    the white brothers fork is 43mm of rake and has been for 2 years now.

  5. Cloxxki Says:

    I was referring mostly to the construction. The Axima has 48mm in their spec sheets. Expected to be a typo just to torture us.
    It’s time for a 470+mm (not 465mm) fork with 51mm offset to match the new Fishers. Thousands and thousnads will be sold, and who wants to use the stock Fox or Reba all the time, especially longer road epics and winter riding?
    Anyway, such a fork would spice up any 29″ bike considered to handle a bit slowly.

  6. trev Says:

    thousands upon thousands, thats a bold statement, you do make me giggle some times….

  7. Stevo Says:

    Along with the Shimano wheelset, according to Cyclingnews Easton is also releasing a 29er version of its XC One wheelset.

    Article –

    Pic –

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