Interbike '07: Best of Show

Hey! Why not? Everybody asks me what I thought was cool, so why shouldn’t you know too, right? Here’s my “Best of Show” props for ’07 Interbike. Enjoy!

Niner Jet 9

Here’s my pick for 29″er of the show, the Niner JET 9. Yeah… the WFO 9 is all that, but it’s still in development and may be radically different than the prototype shown. The JET 9 on the other hand is dialed and coming soon. It’s that bike I suspect will become wildly popular amongst endurance and XC racers. It also has appeal for everyday trail riders in that the travel offered will be enough for a major portion of the riders and will handle, (hopefully) with hard tail-like quickness. I am also very partial to Kermit Green, so sue me! The JET 9: Best 29″er of the Show!

Salsa Gordo Disc

Here’s my pick for the 29″er accessory of the show. It’s the 35mm wide Salsa Gordo Disc rim. There isn’t anything else like it out there. Kris Holm has a rim a bit wider, but the Gordo Disc will be lighter and have a bead lock technology that the Holm rim does not have. When this rim hits in February of ’08, I fully expect wheel builders everywhere that do 29″er builds will be clamouring to get in line for this new Salsa hoop. With the Semi at 30mm and the Gordo at 35mm wide, Salsa will be pretty busy me thinks!

Overall the show didn’t have any real earth shattering innovations, but definitely the holes are filling in as far as what 29″er freaks are looking for in their rides. The future for parts looks good. Stay tuned for particular updates on these two show winners and some tire info coming after the show.

Congrats to Salsa and Niner!


No Responses to “Interbike '07: Best of Show”

  1. Dan Says:

    I didn’t see anything in the reviews about the Specialized FS 29er. Was it there and if so what was the general opinion of the bike?

  2. MMcG Says:

    That JET 9 is very sharp. It appeals to me even more than the RIP 9.

  3. Mike Says:

    I agree with you Niner pick. I only hope that Niner Bikes has built a large enough bank of frames to handle the intial demand. Otherwise, JET 9s will be tough to get just like the RIP 9s were.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dan, Specialized had waiting lists that you had to get on at the Outdoor Demo, basically an appointment. When I went there, no one would talk to me. Indoors their booth is dealer only, so I couldn’t get in. Yeah, they’re like that!

    Mike: Niner is keenly aware of how much demand that there is. I think last year was an eye opener for them. I’d look to see better availability, but you never know.

  5. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the info Ted. I really would like to get a Jet 9 for next summer, but I just don’t want to wait.

    Pretty sad how Specialized is, that’s why I like niner bikes. When you call or email it has that small company feeling. Plus, I think they helped the rest of the industry step up to the 29er plate.

    Thanks again for all the Interbike info, hope sin city was fun!

  6. Lothar Says:

    Agree with your best of…and the rest of the show was..well…boring. Nothing really innovative. I love my RIP and really see no reason to change at this point. 650B certainly didn’t make the splash that 29ers made the last few years.

  7. Dirt McGirt Says:

    The Specialized Stumpy 29er should hit the showroom floor in a couple months. Keep yer eyeballs peeeeeeled!

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