Interbike '07: Floor Highlights: Part II


Okay, sooooo… this tire, yeeeaah. It’s supposed to be top secret, but somehow or another ended up on the show floor today. Hmm………I think I might know someone that has ridden it (heh-heh!) Yep, and that’s all I have for ya on it. I am sworn to secrecy and might forfeit something precious if I spill the beans.

Continental tubeless?

Another tire mystery. A Continental tubeless 29″er tire? I’ll have to consult the great Shiggy on this one. I saw him about the show today, and he never fails me.

This is a prototype from Origin 8, as were most of the other big wheeled bikes they were showing. This particular one got a huge dent in the top tube during shipping, but since it is their lone example of the bike, it was shown regardless. It’s called the “Recon 29er” and other than the frame and fork, most of the spec may be changing including the paint. The price will be north of a grand though, that much they were sure of. It’s got a highly manipulated tube set, which is done by means of hydro forming. It’s got your carbon seat stays, sliding drop outs, and plenty of tire clearance. We’ll be getting more detailed information in a few weeks on this and other Origin 8 big wheelers, so stay tuned.

Many of the companies are showing similar models to last year, but there are a few budget 29″ers that I will be detailing soon, more “B” bikes, and some high end stuff in my next posting.


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  1. GreenLightGo Says:

    I like that Conty tire….to me, the big new WTB resembles a Nevegal, the side knobs and intermediate knobs have a bit of a diamond shaped base but functionally, it has the two knobs in the center, followed by trailing knobs, followed by a trailing outer knob ala Nevegal. It it works like a Nevegal – it should be a bit hit for WTB.

  2. Eric Davis Says:

    Any news on the big Niner announcement? Would love to know if the Jet 9 is really going to come in at 24 pounds.

  3. Desert9r Says:

    +1 on the conti’s that Mountain King(?) definately caught my eye!

  4. Cloxxki Says:

    Sure a Jet9 can be built under 24lb. Any frame in that weight range can.

    Is that WTB all that wide? Maybe it looks smaller with the large diameter.

    Too bad Conti is, once again, offering an allround tire. No super racer, no DH gripper. A welcome wet season option for many though I’m sure.

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    Eric Davis: The Niner announcement was the titanium hardtails in the previous post. Check that out. And also, the WFO 9 proto type was seen here first too. If you can believe it, Niner isn’t stopping there! 😉 The Jet 9 should be easily geeked to under 24lbs if you have the cash. The Sea Otter example weghed 23lbs on the nose, or something like that if I remember correctly. Even with the tweaks Niner has in mind though, you’ll hit that target weight with no problem.

    GreenLightGo/Coxxki: The WTB prototype tire, (which I believe has a working name of “Kodiak”, is absolutely humongous. It makes Schwalbes new Racing Ralph 29″er tire look narrow! I know for a fact that it will not fit the majority of 29″er frames out now. Yes, it’s very Nevegal like, but WTB isn’t through tweaking it either. Some small details to work out with siping and whatnot.

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