Interbike '07: Floor Highlights

TSL Niner protos

Welcome indoors and to Niner’s surprise introduction of their TSL 9 titanium frames. These are primarily shown as a look into a possible future offering from Niner. Niner will be gaging interest in the two versions which were shown to see which might actually make it into their line up. The frames are butted and tube diameter specific titanium for each of the versions. We’ll be keeping tabs on what Niner is getting for feedback on these two bikes.

Jet nine detail

Jet 9 in kermit green

Here’s the much anticipated Jet 9 which I am hearing will be available come February of ’08. There have been some design details that have been changed in relation to the suspension pivots, but it looks as though the bike is headed towards final prduction. This Kermit Green example will be representative of what a final version will look like. (Yes, the color will be Kermit Green!) An annodized black version will also be available.

jet nine detail

Here’s a detail shot of the linkage showing the nice red annodized bits. I like ano!

Rock Shox U-turn Reba

The really big news with the Jet 9 is that the rumors of a Reba U-turn fork are true. This is exclusive to Niner for ’08.

Here’s the hinted at rim from Salsa. The Gordo Disc 29er will be 35mm wide and offered in anodized black only. Availability is scheduled for February.

Gordo Disc detail

Here’s a detail shot of the cutaway Gordo Disc. If you look closely at the rim bead, you can see the bead lock technology of this rim which is said to keep your tire seated even during a flat condition and allows for super low pressures to be run. How’s sub 20lbs psi sound with tubes?

Here’s the Semi Disc 29″er rim which in effect takes the place of the now discontinued Delgado disc. Both the Semi and Gordo rims feature the previously shown rim bead lock technology and also have welded seams. The Semi measures out at 30mm and will also be available in February of ’08.

Origin 8 650B bike

Origin 8 surprised everyone with the swanky “B” wheeled bike at the show. Made up of a combination of aluminum with carbon stays, this “B” wheeler looks pretty cool. Add a carbon fork up front and this looks to be a pretty cool bike for the Origin 8 folks.

Any questions as to who came up with this Origin 8 “B” wheeler are answered here.

Another surprise find was this alloy hardtail single speed/geared capable number. Origin 8 has really hit the alternative wheel size market with more offerings for ’08.

Take a look at this Origin 8 carbon 29″er fork. It looks to have removable canti studs.

More coming tonight!


No Responses to “Interbike '07: Floor Highlights”

  1. Steve Says:

    Holy Titanium Batman! A Niner Ti hardtail? Sign me up!

    Can’t say I’m keen on a Kermit Green JET9 though – just doesn’t look right to me (although I love the same colour on the SIR). Much prefer the black ano.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Steve: Make sure you e-mail Niner and let them know which one: Geared or single speed. I like the green Jet 9 myself, but the black ano is pretty killer too! 🙂

  3. Ian Says:

    Second that for the Ti niner….Also, what was the listed price on the JET9?

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Ian: TBA on that pricing.

  5. chequamagon Says:

    Ted, as far as they told me, that is the same frame. They are both EBB, just set up different, similar to what you can do with a SIR 9

  6. Captain Bob Says:

    It’s nice to see the Ti ss not having downtube shift cable stops. SS only all the way. I for one am not keen on the frames with an identity crisis.

    I also noticed the chainstays on that green origin 8 frame. Looks just like my Mamasita.

    That oringin 8 carbon fork does appear to be different than the one lbs has. The canti studs on theirs look perminant. Interesting change.

  7. arkadi Says:

    The Black and yellow Origin 8 with sliders and carbon seat stays that’s posted in the gallery looks mighty nice. What’s the story on that? Much better than the original scout they released.

  8. lil hillbilly Says:

    hoop dreams! The Gordo is the bizzniz. It is gonna be painful waiting for Feb to get here.

  9. Guitar Ted Says:

    chequamegon: Steve said the tubing is specific to the single speed and geared. Go back and check out the different diameters of the top tubes for instance. Yes, they are both EBB frames, but they are very different in subtle ways.

  10. Desert9r Says:

    any info on availability of Origin 8s B wheeler?

    I have been thinking of building a B wheelset, any one have advice on Budget (not cheap) rims and hubs?

  11. rimshot Says:

    I think I found my next bike. Ti hardtail singlespeed here I come!

  12. Dan Says:

    GT – Thanks for all the photos and info!

    Niner Jet 9 – is it aluminum or scandium or? Do they have a Frame Weight?

    What Salsa Rim for what use???

    GORDO = XC, Trail, Free-ride?
    SEMI = XC, Trail, Free-ride?
    Which ones lighter?
    How many holes in each are being offered?

  13. Sevo Says:

    I’d like to see the Niner TI frame available in suspension corrected. Other than that it looks great!

  14. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dan, The Salsa rim info cards are in the gallery. Just click on them to read them in a larger format.

    I’ll certainly look into that JET 9 frame for you. I have the info back at the hotel.

  15. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dan: The JET 9 is Easton Aluminum in a proprietary butting profile.

  16. harry Says:

    Sign me up for the geared ti. I think that may be the only bike that could get me off of my MCR.

  17. rimshot Says:

    Guitar Ted – whats the weight of the Niner Ti Singlespeed? Is there a rigid fork option as well? Digging the American classics as well.

  18. Guitar Ted Says:

    rimshot: I was told that the show sample weighed in at 3.2lbs for the frame. I got to heft it before they built it up and it is indeed pretty airy! The spec on the fork may change, but the Niner guys are digging the DT Swiss fork and it was designed around that.

  19. Jacob's Blog Says:

    […] all just of the same old stuff. Other then that a few more companies jumped on the 29er bandwagon, Niner added a Ti frame to their line up for 2009, and some more fixies;/a> flooded the floor for the new […]

  20. Baby name meaning and origin for Ebb Says:

    […] Interbike 07: Floor Highlights | Twenty Nine Inches […]

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