Salsa Cycles Invites Your Comments!

As of this week, Salsa Cycles will be allowing you to make your comments public on their Amigos blog site, which is reached by visting their website. Previously the Amigos Blog was a typical company blog in that it did not allow viewers to post comments. Now with this change Salsa steps into the “blogosphere” with both feet.

Company heads Jason Boucher and Mike “Kid” Riemer admit that it’s an unknown territory for them, but that they are excited to be a more interactive company with their customers.

Salsa Cycles has been a big proponent of big wheels and we welcome the change to the Amigos Blog. Stop by and say hello by posting a comment and tell them what you think of their 29″ers. You never know, your ideas might just show up in reality someday!


No Responses to “Salsa Cycles Invites Your Comments!”

  1. Sevo Says:

    I really like the redesign of the El Mariachi. I HATED the old design, it looked, IMHO, cheap. This new one….very nice. Looks like a mountain bike. I’ll also give you credit for still keeping a well built steel 29er in the quiver in a day and age of carbon/aluminum. I’d recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work on all of the products you make.


  2. Satan Spacemonkey Says:

    It would have been nice to have included canti bosses on the frame and fork but I guess you can’t have everything.

    I agree with “Sevo” that the older El Mariachi designs were ugly, I mean what was up with the extra tube welded to the front portion of the seat tube any way ? Frame makers like Kona, Spot, Rocky Mountain and even the old WTB frames used an extended seat collar design for years with little problem.

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  5. Says:


  6. Satan Spacemonkey Says:

    I’ve tried five other niners since posting my comment, The Marin Pine Mountain single speed, the niner hardtail versions of the Specialized Rockhopper and Stumpjumper, the Voodoo dual squishie version of the Dambala and last but not least the Salsa El Mariachi. Hands down the El Mariachi is a great riding bike, and it’s steel.

    Although the Marin Pine Mountain was well speced for the money it’s headtube angle was pretty slack, and heavy tires so it made the whole thing ride like a giant dirt jump bike. I found myself constantly turning off the shock because it made the bike ride better.

    Yes, I know… in order to bring a bike to market certain corners need to be cut in order to bring it in at a certain price point, blah blah blah but the Specialized Rockhopper road a lot like the Marin Pine Mountain with even heavier wheels. It’s easy to see now why there are a lot of critics who dismiss the entire niner thing if this was their introduction to riding a niner.

    The Stumpjumper was a step more in the right direction because of it’s lower weight and more aggressive geometry.

    Next the Voodoo dual squishie version of the Dambala is a pretty fun bike and is surprisingly nimble for a long travel niner but it’s my opinion that since the bigger tires give you a softer ride quality and better traction than a 26″ wheel it makes me wonder who the bike companies are aiming full sus niners to ? Maybe it’s the same guys who put lift kits and bigger wheels on their Hummers.

    Last but not least the Salsa El Mariachi. Now, that’s a bike. Cry all you want about the looks this is a really good riding bike. In comparison to my Surly Karate Monkey it was an even more aggressive handling bike and the shorter chain stay length definitely helped with accelerating out of the corners. For not a lot of scratch you can put together a Salsa that would kick the Stumpy’s butt. Yes, it won’t be as light as the Stumpy because the Stumpy’s frame weighs about two pounds less but the Stumpy is made out of beer cans and it’s not like you will really have girls flash you on the side of the trail because your bike happens to have a pepper on the headtube.

  7. Says:

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